The Birth Coach Method is a paradigm shift in the doula practice, founded by Neri L. Choma, MA, CBD, CBE, CHT, and Life Coach, with the goal of training birth doulas as birth coaches, with coaching tools and leadership skills.

We believe that birthing mothers need coaches by their side, to lead them towards their ideal birth experience. We certify leaders who are knowledgeable about every aspect of the birth, and in addition practice like coaches. We also call doulas to practice as coaches and coach their clients prior to the performance; the birth. We train our students to provide prenatal coaching sessions to facilitate healthy and active birth. Here are examples for what our student can achieve by applying the coaching tools: 

  • Facilitate the couple in setting realistic goals.
  • Help the couple become clear on what is important for them, and about their motivation.
  • Distinguish fears from reality and truth from myth about birth.
  • Provide support during the birth with a variety of labor support tools and coaching skills to invite progress and to cope with discomfort and pain.
  • Practice with coaching models when supporting the couple in taking the decision that is right for them.
  • Create trust and collaboration in Labor and Delivery between all the parties involved.
  • Facilitate flexibility and adjustment when reality dictates them,  and allow both empowerment and acceptance when needed.
  • Recognize what is in the scope of the birth coach practice and its value.


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If you are looking to become a Birth Coach , we invite you to learn about the unique features of our program on  Our Program page.

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We have developed educational products for expectant couples as well.

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