This 5-DAY VIRTUAL EVENT is Sept 20 - 24, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PDT (1:30 PM EDT) DAILY

Get the Best Leadership Strategies to Lead & Support Positive Birth Experiences
Each day I'll share one game-changing strategy that helped me to increase my impact and income, and lead my clients to positive birth experiences. Stop the burnout, reduce the hardship, and THRIVE! I promise you'll lead your future birth clients with more confid
ence and ease than ever before!


Childbirth Educators, Doulas, Prenatal Yoga Instructors, Nurses, Midwives, life coaches,

and all other birth support pros.

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DAY 1: THE #1 KEY TO HELPING YOUR CLIENTS ACHIEVE THEIR DESIRED BIRTH - CLARITY! Facilitate clarity of beliefs, values, vision, and needs by using the GROW model.

DAY 2: AVOID EMOTIONAL BURDEN AND BURNOUT BY LEADING YOUR CLIENTS TO CLAIM THEIR EXPERT POSITION: Discover the power of establishing partnerships with your clients.

DAY 3: AVOID THE HARDSHIP OF CONTINUOUS SUPPORT DURING LONG HOURS OF LABOR: Provide continuous prenatal coaching and experience the impact! We will practice a powerful prenatal coaching exercise together!

DAY 4: EXPERIENCE MORE EASE WHEN YOUR CLIENTS ADVOCATE AND TAKE CHARGE! (vs. you fighting the system for them) Learn to practice patient-centered advocacy and individualize maternal care with ease.

DAY 5: GET MORE CLIENTS AND PRACTICE WITH EASE: Idealizing 'natural birth' may not resonate with your potential clients for many reasons.


"..Creating accountability; rather than be the doula-rescuer...Letting clients find their own answers, take ownership, and advocate for themselves will set them up on a path for life, as people and parents. Not to mention, it really helps prevent doula burnout.
Bertine Van Norden- Attia, Birth and PP Doula, NEDERLAND

"Helpful and eye-opening! It gave me so much hope that I could serve my clients so much better than before. I was searching for a way to help moms have a satisfying experience no matter what the outcome was, without experiencing shame. Something had to be done differently! And Neri found the missing link. I am so grateful Neri made this course possible."
- Ronnie Louros, CO, USA

"I have learned to work with clients from a perspective that allows them to trust themselves, their ideas, their bodies, as well as them having a positive birth experience. Thank you Neri for all the strategies you have shared, and I cannot wait to kick off my Birth Coaching practice! "
Sereen Zarroug, CD, DUBAI, UAE

"This course transformed me as a person. I use coaching questions with my children, with my husband, with my friends, with my clients. I realized that people know what's best for them and they don’t want me to tell them what to do. Instead, they need someone to coach them in the direction they wish to go, listen to them, and be interested in them."
-Dimitra Tsagkaraki, CYPRESS

"Throughout 6 sessions and several text check-ins, we revealed so much more than “not wanting to be induced.” And because we had frequent meetings, I was able to lead my client to take action around what really mattered to her by building accountability toward achieving her goals.”
-Naima Beckles, CD,CBE, NY, USA

"...they get all empowered and birthed without their doula around! I just had my 2nd client's birth (after getting certified as a Transformational Birth Coach) last night, and just like my client before her, both of them birthed without me! #BirthCoachMethod works!”"
- Nur Hafiza, CD, QATAR

The Art of Coaching for Childbirth
"Neri has skillfully transferred classic coaching strategies and made them totally applicable to birth educators and doulas. These strategies enable us to transfer the power back to the birthing woman, encouraging her to take responsibility for her own birthing journey. Empowerment, as we know, is not something we can give another person. It is something that originates from within…Neri’s book set off some real “light-bulb” moments for me and will definitely change the way I approach topics such as fear, pain, and interventions in my Lamaze childbirth classes.”
- Tanya Strusberg, LCCE, FACCE, Director, Birthwell Birthright Childbirth Education, Lamaze-accredited and CAPEA

This 5-DAY VIRTUAL EVENT is Sept 20 - 24, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PDT (1:30 PM EDT) DAILY

About Neri

Neri Life-Choma trains birth practitioners of all types to provide birth support that truly impacts clients' journeys and leads toward positive birth experiences.

As a seasoned childbirth educator, birth doula, and doula trainer, Neri has lived the passion, triumph, hardship, tension, and burnout of being a birth support pro. She is convinced that transformational birth coaching is the #1 solution to many dilemmas in the field of birth support, and the best practice to lead positive births experiences.

Neri believes that birth support pros thrive when they fulfill their passion to empower while not sacrificing their work-life balance, income, and health.

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