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Coaching for Pregnancy and Birth 

CEUs Approved for all Birth Support Professionals

The concept of a life coach has been around since the early 70s and became a profession in the 90s. Childbirth education and birth support have also been around for a similar length of time, but until now the two have never crossed paths. That is until Birth Coach Method was established. 

In this 7- lesson course, based on my book The Art of Coaching for Childbirth and supported by 8 Zoom meetings, I'll teach you how to coach pregnant women and their birth partners throughout the pregnancy, toward a healthy birth, and in postpartum. You'll learn to provide client-centered support throughout the journey in order to: 

  • Facilitate clarity around couples' belief systems  
  • Distinguish truth from myth and fears from reality  
  • Increase couples' confidence and reduce fears  
  • Foster new skills and utilize areas of strength  
  • Set-up tangible goals and the steps to achieving them  
  • Align your clients' beliefs with their wishes and actions
  • Elicit your clients' accountability for their journey

Childbirth educators teach about pregnancy and birth. Doulas continuously support during childbirth. Coaches help clients become more in touch with their intuition and lead women to confidently conduct themselves during the whole journey. Coaches lead a change in our collective awareness.


You're in luck! I am letting the first 40 students in for half the price!  

Normal price: $820

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Here's what I'll be teaching...


Childbirth Support in Review

In this lesson, I'll review the history of childbirth support from ancient times to the present. The different perspectives on pregnancy and birth and the various agents that have been taking care of birthing women. The lesson will be followed by a Zoom group session. 


Introduction to Coaching 

In this lesson, I'll teach you the origins and core principles of the coaching profession. You'll also learn the core competencies of the coaching practice, the coach's role, and the benefits of integrating coaching into the field of pregnancy and birth support. The lesson will be followed by a Zoom group mentoring session.  


The Structure and Strategies of Coaching

This lesson begins by teaching you a few cool NLP techniques to establish rapport with your clients. Once you are in rapport, you can use the GROW model of coaching and coach your expectant clients toward achieving their desired experience. The lesson will be followed by a Zoom group mentoring session. 


Prenatal Coaching: The Foundation of Client-Centered Birth Support

This lesson provides you with coaching questions and strategies to conduct possible coaching conversations related to your client’s pregnancy and birth. You will learn to implement the GROW process of coaching into birth support and facilitate alignment and accountability. The lesson will be followed by Zoom group mentoring.


Coaching for Coping with Labor Pain and the fear of it  

Fear-Tension- Pain leads to Failure-To- Progress in childbirth. In this lesson you will learn how to prenatally coach your clients, leading them to adopt a better perspective on labor pain which will allow them to conduct themselves better during birth. The lesson will be followed by a Zoom group mentoring session.


Coaching through Medical Conditions and Impositions 

When medical conditions or impositions occur, coaching is the pathway to clients' self-advocacy. In this lesson, you'll learn how to resolve the advocacy dilemma with coaching. In order to facilitate a healthy and positive journey, we will learn how to improve the relationships among medical caregivers and support figures. The lesson will be followed by Zoom group mentoring.


Coaching for a Healthy Closure and in Early Postpartum  

In this lesson, you will learn to conduct the postpartum visit with the goals of facilitating a healthy closure of the pregnancy and birth journey and assessing the mom’s coping and adjustment levels. You'll also learn how to coach the mother who suffers from postpartum depression in addition to her being treated by a medical caregiver. The lesson will be followed by a Zoom group mentoring session.


Establishing your birth and pregnancy coaching practice

This bonus lesson will be open only for students who have completed all the course requirements and became certified and registered. In this lesson, I'll coach you on how to deliver your elevator pitch and promote yourself as a coach for expectant couples. You will also get some more practical tools and strategies. 


You're in luck! I'm letting the first 40 students in for half the price!  

Normal price: $820 

Your price: $410 (for a limited time)  



I’m Neri Life-Choma

Education and Community

Over the past 20 years, I have been blessed to support and teach thousands of expectant couples and to direct two birth resource centers. I train doulas for seven years now and take pride in my student who becomes remarkable doulas. In November 2011, I published my audio-visual guide Practifcng for an Active Birth (See below). In November 2016 I published the printed guide The Art of Coaching for Childbirth, a practical guide integrating the principles and strategies of coaching into childbirth support. In 2017, I became an approved continuing education provider by the California board of registered nursing. I now lead nurses' workshops with the goals of improving patient-centered care. It is my hope to build the bridge between doulas and L&D staff. 

  • ICE Approved Provider by the CA BRN since 2017
  • Birth Coach Method, founder
  • BA in Film and Television, Tel-Aviv University
  • MA in Cognitive Science from Tel-Aviv University 
  • Birth Doula and Childbirth Education Training, Jerusalem Israel
  • Group Leadership, Ministry of Education Israel  
  • Hypnotherapy at HTI, Marin County California  
  • Transformational Life Coaching, Sophia Univ. Palo Alto
  • Spinning Babies with Gail Tully 
  • NLP with Dr. Matt and The Empowerment Partnership  
  • Blossom Birth Palo Alto 
  • Bay Area Maternity