Webinar: Breaking through the Fear-Tension-Pain response and Beating Failure-To-Progress

Learn how to coach your birth client to prevent the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome from becoming a Failure-To-Progress in childbirth.   

In this webinar, we share some of the most effective coaching strategies which will allow you to conduct the coaching conversation around labor pain and the fear of it and help your clients adopt a better concept that is serving them better. The Fear-Tension-Pain response (FTP) leads to another FTP- Failure-To-Progress, and that’s why we think you should become an FTP fighter! Failure- to- Progress is the downfall towards birth management and the opening of the cascade effect of medical interventions in childbirth. Coaching your client in order to prevent the first FTP (Fear-Tension-Pain) will prevent the last one, and will keep your client on the safe path to a healthy birth.

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