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Coaching & Birth Support During COVID-19

Choose Your Preferred Online Platform and Continue to Provide Birth Support During Social Distancing

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Birth Coach Method is an Approved CEUs Provider by the CA BRN & Lamaze

This Free Webinar Will Teach You How To:  

  • Lead your clients with a variety of techniques to promote calmness and strengthen their immune system.
  • How to navigate away from the unknown, their fears, and their doubts, and how to avoid the overload of inconsistent information.
  • Reassure your clients that they have what it takes to continue preparing for their nearing birth and take charge of their experience.
  • Use the GROW model of coaching to clarify your clients' goals, beliefs, and values, and empower them to take the steps needed to achieve their desired birth experience.
  • Get some practical tips for providing hands-off virtual labor support.


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