Transformational Birth Support Coaching Membership Program (25 CEUs)

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✨Join when you’re ready to gain impact and income, and stay with us for a year!
✨Learn how to transform expectant and new parents’ experiences and make a difference in their lives.
✨Join a weekly training session and learn proven coaching strategies, exercises, and practices designed for the childbearing process.
✨Our global community of passionate and mission-driven birth support pros is phenomenal. You don’t need to do it all alone.
✨Earn your certificate whenever you complete your certification requirements, and keep coming to the weekly sessions so you can grow, practice, and enjoy the community.  

Go Verbal and Virtual, Gain impact and Cultivate Long-Term Relationships with YOUR Clients

This training was fantastic. It gave me weekly opportunities to practice and receive coaching from Neri and a global and compassionate community of perinatal professionals, both those starting out in their careers and those who have been working in their fields for decades. Bolstered by this community, I feel ready and confident to begin coaching and partnering with families to help them obtain their desired birth and postpartum experiences.

Susan Arthur, childbirth educator, birth and PP doula

Transformational Birth Coaching is a program designed to enrich birth support figures of all types: doulas, childbirth educators, prenatal yoga teachers, and everyone else who supports expectant couples with coaching tools and strategies. These are the same strategies coaches practice in various coaching fields to lead their clients to perform optimally in the area in which they are being coached.

Once you begin implementing the coaching strategies and skills into your birth support practice, you’ll achieve better results when leading expectant parents to confidently navigate themselves through the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Patient-centered care, patient autonomy, informed consent, patient accountability, and increased rates of vaginal deliveries can all be achieved by integrating coaching into childbirth support.

I am so very grateful that I decided to take Neri’s Transformational Birth Coach Training. With over 20 years in practice as a successful birth doula, I discovered new ways of connecting with and assisting my clients to gain greater clarity of vision. From that vantage point comes the determination to actively prepare for and have the birth experience most important to them.

Joanne Dunhill

  • Increase the rates of vaginal and physiological births and birth givers’ satisfaction with their birthing experience.
  • Promote patient autonomy and patient-centered care.
  • Provide Transformational prenatal coaching prenatally to cut on the long hours of hands-on support and have a work-life balance. , patient autonomy, patient higher level of confidence, individuals’ ability to advocate for themselves, increased rates of vaginal childbirth, and higher satisfaction levels.
  • Minimize the tension between different agents in the field of childbirth support and avoid tense relationships.
  • Reduce birth workers’ professional fatigue and burnout.
  • Increase your impact and income as a birth support practitioner.
  • Enroll high-paying clients with ease and provide superb virtual support.

Upon completion of the certification requirements, you’ll earn the
Transformational Birth Coach certification badge.

Course Topics:   

  • Explore the role of authoritative knowledge in maternal care and the fundamental need to evoke a sense of internal authority when working with expectant and new parents.
  • Learn the foundations of the coaching profession: the origins, philosophy, professional competencies, and basic terminology.
  • Learn the structure of the coaching process: The GROW coaching model and additional models
  • Learn NLP techniques to establish rapport with clients and medical teams.
  • Clarify clients’ context, beliefs, and desired experiences
  • Map clients’  challenges with a coaching exercise for the opening session
  • Address and optimize clients’ motivations
  • Learn strategies to lead deep conversations while maintaining rapport
  • Establish client-centered childbirth support, leading your clients to expect patient-centered maternal care
  • Facilitate alignment between clients’ beliefs, wishes, goals, and actions
  • Elicit clients’ accountability and foster commitment
  • Undo limiting beliefs and success blockers
  • Finding the balance between sympathy and empathy to be accountable for clients’ progress
  • Learn to coach through labor pain and the fear of it
  • Coach in light of medical conditions, complications, and impositions throughout pregnancy and birth.
  • Coach for a healthy and coherent closure of the birth experience.
  • Design a prenatal coaching sessions series and learn to follow up with clients throughout the process
  • Learn enrollment strategies and establish your birth coach practice.
  • Practice scenario-based and peer coaching for optimal implementation

And so much more…

This program consists of the following:

  • The Art of Coaching for Childbirth as a textbook.
  • 8 online recorded modules introducing videos, articles, and additional resources*
  • Weekly Zoom meetings throughout your membership year. (All virtual meetings will be recorded in case you had to miss them while attending a birth). Live Zoom sessions take place every Wednesday at 10:30 am PDT.
  • Virtual coaching practice sessions with a peer student.
  • A success workbook that includes all the slide decks of the Zoom sessions and all the coaching exercises you learn to lead.

Certification Requirements:

Submit your certification application when you feel you have reached mastery!

  • Complete the online self-study of all the course lessons.
  • Attend the weekly live Zoom meetings or make up a missed meeting by watching the replays.
  • Submit the 20 Days Action Plan.
  • Pass the final exam (scoring at least 70%).
  • Have at least one year of experience practicing as a birth support practitioner (birth or postpartum doula, childbirth educator, prenatal yoga instructor, nursing degree, midwifery, or other), or
  • If you are new to the field of birth support and aren’t trained as a birth support practitioner of any type, we will require you to study a list of pre-requisite classes offered by Birth Coach Method.
  • Print and sign the code of ethics and scope of practice agreement.
  • Submit the application for a certification form
  • Annual renewal of Birth Coach Method membership – $60 annually. (The membership fee grants you access to future webinars and updated and new materials.)

Show Off Your Certification!

Upon earning your certificate, you will be eligible to post the Birth Coach Method certification badge in your marketing materials, including your website. It is linked to a special page on our website, designed to lead your potential clients to understand and appreciate the benefit of hiring you.

Our Refund Policy:

  • Full refund before being approved as a registered user on our members’ website.
  • 30% refund of the course’s paid tuition, minus $60 registration and processing fees, up to 14 days from registration day.
  • * When using  any of the payment plans, you’ll be charged an additional fee of 8% total


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