Coaching for Building the Best Support Group for Childbirth – Webinar



While many expectant parents are familiar with the doula support for the birth, they hardly ever come across the idea of a support group for birth. There are many agents who take part in the process of preparing for birth and designing the birth vision: The birth partner, family relatives, L&D nurses, the OBGYN or the midwife, as well as friends, all of these different agents can be invited to take part in the support group for the birth. Therefore, it is imperative to discuss the concept of a support group during the prenatal coaching.  Imagine the expectant parents expecting their OBGYN to be an active member of their support group; how will it change their experience and empower them to advocate for themselves and make explicit requests?

In this webinar, we are revisiting some of the most accepted notions and expectations in regards to birth support, in order to suggest a client-centered coaching conversation of mothers’ support group for their birth. Common expectations, like partners presence at the birth, or the fact that the nurse can’t be a part of the support group as a representative of the medical system, are being revisited from a coaching perspective. As always, we suggest the most effective coaching questions and strategies to clarify your client’s needs, expectations, challenges, or concerns about her birth support group, strategies you can use to open more options and allow flexibility, and a call for action which will allow your birth client to build her desired support group for her birth.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Introduce the importance and value of the support group to your birth client when she opens this conversation.
  • Lead your client to identify and asses the contribution of each member of her support group.
  • Coach your client to resolve possible conflicts between her and members of her support group.
  • Resolve any doubts your client might have regarding her partner’s presence at the birth or any other family relative.
  • Lead your client to perceive her medical care team as members of her support group, and to expect their supportive treatment.

Birth Coach Method’s webinars recognized CEUs for birth doulas and childbirth educators.


Neri Life-Choma