Coaching, NLP & Labor Support Techniques for Obstetric Nurses



Coming in Fall, 2019

This BRN approved online course relies on 7 online lessons, each includes one main video presentation specifically created for the lesson by Birth Coach Method,  reading list and additional video that can enhance your study process. We are currently finalizing the course for you.

Lesson topics:

  1. Childbirth support in review
  2. Introduction to the practice of coaching
  3. Facilitating patient engagement and vaginal births with coaching strategies
  4. Labor support tools and coaching for Early phase of labor
  5. Labor support tools and coaching for Active phase of labor
  6. Labor support tools and coaching for Transition phase
  7. Labor support tools and coaching for the 2nd stage of delivery.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate granting you 5 CEUs.


Neri Life-Choma

I am the founder of Birth Coach Method and am celebrating 20 years of leadership in the field of childbirth support. Throughout my career, I have been honored to provide doula support and teach childbirth ed. classes to hundreds of expectant couples, as well as to direct two birth resource centers. I am also a doula leader in my community in the South Bay area of Silicon Valley in California.
Neri Life-Choma

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