Obstetric Nurses’ Pathways to Patient-Centered Maternal Care (11 CES)



    Patient-engagement, Patient-centered care, and partnerships are the three essential principles leading to the desired increase in vaginal birth rates.  Read why

    This BRN approved online course relies on 7 online lessons, each includes two main video presentations specifically created for the lesson, a reading list, and additional videos and other resources that can enhance your study process.

    * Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate granting you 11 CEs. *

    Program Goals:

    • To increase the rates of vaginal and physiological births in L&D.
    • To provide obstetric nurses with a set of coping techniques, geared to promote patients’ ability to cope with labor strains and to facilitate labor progress.
    • To resolve the inherent confusion between seeing the birthing individual as going through a healthy, normal, and natural process, and at the same time as a patient needing medical care.
    • To facilitate patient-centered care in L&D, by means of coaching strategies and raise nurses’ confidence in their interpersonal and leadership skills.

    Program Objectives:

    • To understand and embrace the coaching relationships as a pathway to patient-centered maternal care, and the long-sought partnership between care providers, their patients, and patients’ families.
    • To develop concrete strategies that will be used by nurses to facilitate informed consent, encourage patient autonomy, increase patient confidence, and thus facilitate vaginal childbirth.
    • To develop a new culture in maternal care where the practice of obstetric nurses is based on the following components equally:
      1. Clinical knowledge
      2. Hands-on labor support techniques that promote patients’ coping ability and their progress in labor progress, resulting in patients’ satisfaction and safety of care.
      3. Verbal coaching skills that create the partnership needed in order to engage the patients and individualize the care by addressing their beliefs, values, needs, and motivations, help patients rely on their inner strengths, and inspire them to trust their body and the process of childbirth.

    Program Lessons:

    1. Childbirth support in review
    2. Introduction to the practice of coaching
    3. Facilitating patient engagement and vaginal births with coaching strategies
    4. Labor support tools and coaching for Early phase of labor
    5. Labor support tools and coaching for the Active phase of labor
    6. Labor support tools and coaching for the Transition phase
    7. Labor support tools and coaching for the 2nd stage of delivery.

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    Neri Life-Choma