Prenatal Care and Common Complications in Pregnancy for Birth Doulas


While doulas are on-medical figures that shouldn’t advise or advocate around medical aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, we still need to have a body of knowledge about medical complications and alterations in order to lead our clients to make informed decisions. This body of knowledge is presented in this lesson with a set of coaching principles that will enable you to understand these conditions, conduct an informed conversation with your client, and lead her to make an informed decision.  In this lessons you will become familiar with different types of care givers, medical tests and procedures, and common complications which might appear for your clients before and during birth. This lesson is designed to give you a the understanding that you need on these topics in order to coach, empower and lead your client without advising her.  This lesson contains medical information and therefore was created with the close supervision of our advisory comity members – Olga Libova, CNM and Alit Ronen, L&D RN.

Here is what you will learn in this lesson:

  1. Congenital infections: STDs,  Torch complex, GBS,
  2. Vagina Bleeding
  3. Blood Group Compatibility, RH.
  4. Gestational Diabetes
  5. Prolonged birth
  6. Malpositioned babies; OP, Breech, prolapsed cord, twins,
  7. Premature birth.
  8. Postdated pregnancy and macrosomia.
  9. uterine atony
  10. Pregnancy tests.


Please note: You’ll have 6 weeks access to the class after registration.

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