Birth Pros Leadershift Workshop – Being Impactful! (Virtual ,4 CEUs)

$119.00 $97.00

$119.00 $97.00


Can Prenatal Coaching Strategies be the Pathway to Claiming Your Impactful Leadership Position? 

“Neri’s Prenatal Coaching session was transformational! In just 4 hours, I have learned so much and already started implementing some of the tools I learned with a couple of my clients! I can truly see the difference and how liberating these techniques are to both myself and my clients. I cannot wait to train for the full course! Thank you, Neri, for what you are giving to the world!”
 Shereen Zarroug, CD, Dubai, UAE

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is for all birth support professionals – doulas (birth and postpartum), childbirth educators, prenatal yoga teachers, and others.

“I learned many new tips that can better my relationship with my clients, in the workplace, and in life in general. The information Neri shared was presented in a most pleasant way and easy to digest. I especially enjoyed the exercises and hands-on approach that was brought to the course and the participants’ interaction. The time just seemed to fly by. Neri is very approachable and very knowledgeable in her field.”
Baila Hecht, CD, NY

What can you expect to learn?

In this half-day online workshop, you’ll learn the basic principles of Transformational Birth Support Coaching. The workshop will enable you to implement some basic coaching strategies and design a prenatal coaching session.  This intro will allow you to acknowledge the value of incorporating transformational coaching and you’ll consider becoming a certified transformational birth support coach

  • The origin, principles, and basic structure of transformational coaching

  • The differences between coaching, teaching, and supporting

  • Prenatal Coaching as a roadmap to individualizing maternal care

  • The structure of prenatal coaching

  • How to utilize the insights of prenatal coaching during birth

  • How to facilitate clarity of goals, alignment between beliefs, wishes, and actions, and the accountability of your clients to their childbirth experience

  • Learn to provide complimentary coaching sessions tailored to individuals’ needs, challenges, strengths, and goals.

  • Practice scenario-based prenatal coaching and experience the difference!

Each Participant receives

  • Following your registration, you will receive an email with a link to participate in the live virtual workshop via Zoom.
  • We will email you 2 reminders: one day prior to the workshop, the 2nd reminder 30 minutes before the workshop.
  • You’ll receive the PowerPoint presentation of the workshop in a PDF handout.
  • Fill in the evaluation form and a competency quiz to receive your CEUs certificate.

The workshop begins at 10 am (PST)and ends at 2:20. For the workshop’s outline click HERE

Bring the workshop to your community:

You can either virtually bring this workshop to your local community of birth professionals and make it a fun learning experience with your professional community, or join a scheduled virtual session and meet birth professionals from around the world. Choose what’s most comfortable for you.
Contact us today: neri@BirthCoachMethod to learn how to organize a special event for your community.

Cancellation Policy: 

*A full refund if canceled up to 5 days prior to the workshop scheduled day.  A $45 non-refundable fee for canceling thereafter can be used for online store purchases.
*Holding the workshop depends on a minimum registration of 10 participants prior to the workshop day. 


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