New Approach to Birth Advocacy- Webinar



We have been advocating for five decades based on the notion of best evidence-based maternal care. During this time, medical interventions have been on the rise. It’s time for a new type of birth advocacy! 

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This Webinar Presents:

  • Approaches to birth advocacy that have been tried
  • The benefits and disadvantages of evidence-based birth advocacy
  • A new approach to birth advocacy: client-centered partnership
  • The long-term impact of the new approach on parents’ journey
  • The relationships between the new approach to birth advocacy and the current philosophy of shared decisions in general and maternal care
  • Strategies and tools for practicing the new approach of birth advocacy

Expand your leadership skills with transformational birth coaching and you’ll be amazed to see your clients advocating for themselves with courage and convictions!  



Neri Life-Choma