Transformational Birth Support Coaching Monthly Subscription




We’re super excited to have our program’s graduates subscribe to the monthly subscription program.  By subscribing, you will continue to receive our weekly notifications inviting you to join the program’s live sessions and have access to the online recorded modules. 

Here is a reminder of what this subscription provides you: 

  • Learn enrollment strategies and establish your thriving practice
  • Craft your sales pitch and messages, and brand yourself as a Transformational birth and postpartum coach
  • Get coaching exercises designed to support and lead clients undergoing the childbearing process
  • Learn the foundations of the coaching profession
  • Learn the principles and structures of the coaching process, using different models to lead the coaching conversation
  • Improve your trust and rapport-building techniques with NLP and other coaching techniques
  • Get a proven formula to design a prenatal and postpartum coaching session series
  • Establish client-centered practice, leading your clients to expect patient-centered care in their encounters with authoritative figures.
  • Rock virtual support
  • Clarify clients’ context, beliefs, and desired experiences
  • Map clients’ challenges with a coaching exercise for the opening session
  • Address and optimize clients’ motivations
  • Learn strategies to lead deep conversations while maintaining rapport
  • Facilitate alignment between clients’ beliefs, wishes, goals, and actions
  • Undo clients,’ and your limiting beliefs and success blockers
  • Elicit clients’ accountability and foster commitment so you can avoid professional burnout
  • Practice scenario-based and peer coaching for optimal implementation
  • Be a part of a global community of passion-driven birth support pros.

 And so much more…

Earn your certificate at any time and continue attending the weekly sessions to grow, practice, and stay committed to your thriving practice. You’ll keep coming for the fantastic community we build at Birth Coach Method. Together, we

Submit your certification application when you feel you have reached mastery!
  • Complete the online self-study of all the course lessons.
  • Attend the weekly live Zoom meetings or make up a missed meeting by watching the replays.
  • Submit the 20-Day Action Plan.
  • Pass the final exam (scoring at least 70%).
  • Print and sign the code of ethics and scope of practice agreement.
  • Apply for a certification form.
  • Annual renewal of Birth Coach Method membership – $60 annually. (The membership fee grants you access to future webinars and new materials.)

Show Off  Your Certification!
Transformational Birth Coach certification badge.

Show Off  Your Certification! Make an Impact and a Difference in Your Clients’ Lives!

  • Increase your impact and income as a birth support practitioner.
  • Increase the rates of vaginal and physiological births and birth givers’ satisfaction with their birthing experience.
  • Promote patient autonomy and patient-centered care.
  • Provide Transformational prenatal coaching prenatally to cut on the long hours of hands-on support and have a work-life balance. , patient autonomy, patient higher level of confidence, individuals’ ability to advocate for themselves, increased rates of vaginal childbirth, and higher satisfaction levels.
  • Minimize the tension between different agents in the field of childbirth support and avoid tense relationships.
  • Reduce birth workers’ professional fatigue and burnout.
  • Enroll high-paying clients with ease and provide superb virtual support.


Neri Life-Choma