Birth Coach Mehtod is making the News- Press Release, March 2014

San Jose, CA, March 05, 2014 –(– Neri L. Choma has just launched her new company, Birth Coach Method in San Jose California. The company specializes in educational materials for expectant couples and birth professionals, and offers a new on-line training program to certify birth coaches. “I have been practicing as a birth doula and childbirth educator for the last sixteen years,” says Neri. “The first book I ever read, ‘Mothering the Mother’ by Marshal Klaus, inspired me at the beginning of my career. But today I have a different perspective on the book. I think that the title implies that doula is a non-professional role, because mothering is an important role that comes with no professional requirements, certification, or a body of knowledge. Another popular doula guide, ‘The Birth Partner’ by Penny Simkin, also implies unprofessional collaboration, as though doulas and mothers have the same degree of knowledge about childbirth. In addition, the title ‘Doula’ means ‘Servant’ in ancient Greek.” According to Neri, the preconceived notions of a Birth Doula are degrading. “It’s no wonder that I still hear moms saying ‘My mom/sister/best friend will be at my birth, so I don’t need a doula.’ This situation served as a major source of motivation for Neri in creating the Birth Coach Method training program.


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