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Sister, Happy World Doula Week!

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Neri Life-Choma,

Birth Coach Method Founder


Tuesday, March 28 at 10:30 am Pacific (2 pm EDT)

Navigating the Epidural Conversation

  • Learn to prenatally coach your clients to reach strong convictions about what's right for them so your support process during birth flows easily and everyone feels successful!
  • Clarify your clients' limiting beliefs and success blockers around labor pain
  • Lead clients to adopt a positive motivation
  • Use coaching models to lead clients toward their desired experiences
  • Lead with questions!
  • This masterclass includes a scenario-based group practice to implement transformational birth coaching strategies immediately.

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"..I will forever be grateful for your patience and your willingness to give your students all the knowledge you have acquired in the field of birth support. My classmates have made a huge impact on me and on my completion of the training...I'm so glad that becoming a doula is part of the reason for me to keep going!
- Desola Amos, BCM certified Doula and Birth Coach, SF-BAY AREA

"Helpful and eye-opening! It gave me so much hope that I could serve my clients so much better than before. I was searching for a way to help moms have a satisfying experience no matter what the outcome was, without experiencing shame. Something had to be done differently! And Neri found the missing link. I am so grateful Neri made this course possible."
- Ronnie Louros, CO, USA

"I have learned to work with clients from a perspective that allows them to trust themselves, their ideas, their bodies, as well as them having a positive birth experience. Thank you Neri for all the strategies you have shared, and I cannot wait to kick off my Birth Coaching practice!"
- Shereen Zarroug, CD, DUBAI, UAE

"Neri's course has given me the space to become curious about my own expectations as a doula and it has helped me to define my role for my clients more specifically. I have learned critical techniques in the way I listen to and question clients which helps the client discover how to express their desires more clearly. This course will challenge every doula to think more critically about their role resulting in a more comprehensive client-centered birth coaching process."
- Kelli Ghanati, California, USA

"Throughout 6 sessions and several text check-ins, we revealed so much more than “not wanting to be induced.” And because we had frequent meetings, I was able to lead my client to take action around what really mattered to her by building accountability toward achieving her goals.”
-Naima Beckles, CD,CBE, NY, USA

"...they get all empowered and birthed without their doula around! I just had my 2nd client's birth (after getting certified as a Transformational Birth Coach) last night, and just like my client before her, both of them birthed without me! #BirthCoachMethod works!”
- Nur Hafiza, CD, QATAR

Happy World Doula Week, Sister!

Let's Thrive!