Transformational Birth & Postpartum Coaching
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A 3-month Immersion Program for Birth Support Pros Ready to Practice Prenatal and Postpartum Coaching, Gain Impact, Transform Clients' Lives,

and Thrive!

Our cohort for Fall 2024 will meet every Wednesday

from August 28 to November 20

Live Meetings are between 10:30 and 11:30 AM PST

Replays are available for all live sessions!

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What TRULY Sets Up Birth Support Pros for LASTING SUCCESS?

To create sustainable success as a birth support figure, mentor, community leader, coach, or trainer, you need...

  • Proven formulas, exercises, structures, and plans that match your vision to thrive in your birth support practice, whether you’re just starting or have clients & want to grow... while making a difference in your client's lives.
    So cut through the
    challenges of being on call and providing hours of hands-on physical support and rest into a framework that genuinely FREES and EMPOWERS you and your clients.
  • Weekly accountability, coaching, practicing, and a community of like-minded colleagues building alongside you. Nobody should do this alone!
  • To learn, practice & upscale the coaching skills to find clients confidently, build relationships with medical caregivers, and achieve financial sustainability while keeping the integrity of your practice and CHARGE WHAT your support and coaching WORTH

This is exactly what we do in our membership programs at Birth Coach Method

Why Join the Program

Learn transformational strategies to enhance your impact

🤩 Get a motivation boost by reducing hardship and increasing your income
💡Discover a New framework that sets you apart and improves outcomes

💰Boost your income: Unlock the secrets to making your practice profitable

💫 Leverage digital platforms and take practical steps to thrive

Our cohort for Fall 2024 will meet every Wednesday

from August 28 to November 20

Live Meetings are between 10:30 and 11:30 AM PST

Replays are available for all live sessions

Save $220 and get an additional three months of access to the program's materials

when you sign up before July 7

  • Get a proven formula to design a prenatal and postpartum coaching session series
  • Get coaching exercises designed for coaching clients undergoing the childbearing process
  • Practice scenario-based and peer coaching for optimal implementation
  • Address and optimize clients’ motivations
  • Rock virtual support
  • Learn the principles and structures of the coaching process, using different models to lead the coaching conversation
  • Elicit clients’ accountability and foster commitment so you can avoid professional burnout
  • Map clients’ challenges with a coaching exercise for the opening session
  • Undo clients' limiting beliefs and success blockers
  • Clarify clients' context, beliefs, and desired experiences
  • Learn strategies to GET PAYING CLIENTS and establish your thriving practice
  • Craft your sales pitch and messages, and brand yourself as a Transformational birth & postpartum coach
  • Facilitate alignment between clients' beliefs, wishes, goals, and actions
  • Improve your trust and rapport-building techniques with NLP and other coaching techniques
  • Join our birth support pros global community

What Our Time Together Will Look Like

Weekly Sessions

That's right. Our Global Community meets weekly

Get the Textbook

A copy of The Art of Coaching for Childbirth

Coaching Exercises

Learn many coaching exercises we designed


You can always watch the replay if you missed us

8 recorded Modules

Each module includes videos and articles

PPT Slide Deck

Program's Workbook with PowerPoint Slide Deck

Certification Badge

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Peer Practice

Coach your peers and grow together

What Our Graduates Say

"Neri's coaching method is the missing piece to birth support. I truly believe birth coaching is the way to empowering birthers. Now I am able to help and encourage a mom to be the expert of her birth and body. I now have the skills to not overly invest in the outcomes of the birth I am supporting. This allows me to protect my own mental health and energy while continuing to do the work I know I'm called to do and that is to help make birth better."

- Kathleen Paige Adilapuram CD

"The transformational birth coach program was everything I had been longing for. There are so many different routes to take when it comes to birth support but little incorporate coaching and empowering the birth giver along their experience. Neri is amazing and I love how experienced and knowledgeable she is in the field. You can feel how much she truly loves what she does and it comes through in the course details as well as the live sessions. "

- Tanai Holder, Certified Birth Coach

"This program has finally brought the next phase of my service to fruition. Neri is a kind and generous coach that provides a clear and concise journey to enter into. The space to learn with peers is invaluable and the weekly practice sessions in person creates a sense of community in an otherwise lonely space. I have only appreciation for what Neri has created and how this changes the birthing landscape overall, leading us back to patient-entered care."
- Quinne Hofman Brown, CD, Mindfulness Coach, USA

I believe the Birth Coach Method truly is the missing link in birth support and would recommend to everyone working with expectant and/or newborn mothers and parents.

- Dagný Erla Vilbergsdóttir, birth and PP doula, Iceland

I enjoyed all of Neri's sessions. As a childbirh educator and doula, Neri was able to give fresh perspectives and insights on how to shift the quality of maternal care through coaching.

- Nur Hafiza Kemat, Birth Doula and CBE, Qatar

"I am so very grateful that I decided to take Neri's Transformational Birth Coach Training. With over 20 years in practice as a successful birth doula, I discovered new ways of connecting with and assisting my clients to gain greater clarity of vision. From that vantage point comes the determination to actively prepare for and have the birth experience most important to them."
Joanne Dunhill, CD, CBE, Hypnobirthing, USA

Transformational Birth & Postpartum Coaching

Join Our Fall 2024 Cohort

Wednesdays from August 28 to November 20

between 10:30-11:30 AM PST (1:30 PM EST).

Replays are available for all live sessions

Save $220 and get an additional three months of access

when you sign up before July 7

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