Coaching for
Healthy Births

Coaching leads individuals to feel competent, confident and in charge; Sounds perfect for leading expectant individuals toward a healthy experience, right?

Creating a New Paradigm in Birth Support

You probably wonder how the coaching method we teach is different than what you already do:
Aren't childbirth educators, doulas, birth partner, and other members of the support group, called 'Labor Coaches"? As a doula or a childbirth educator, don't I coach? 

You're right to assume so. Since the seventies, those who professionally or socially provide education and support to birthing individuals are all called 'Labor Coaches'.  They have been infroming, teaching coping techniques, and providing continous support.  Accept that they have never been really trained with the coaching strategies currently used by professional coaches to lead individuals in various challenging life or career situations.

New noun: Birth Support Coach - a birth support professional (such as a doula, childbirth educator, prenatal yoga teacher, obstetric nurse or other), trained with well-established coaching strategies, used by coaches in a variety of fields to lead and empower individuals undergoing major life transitions and wanting to create a vision for the next step. 

Our five 'C's are: Clarity, Confidence, Conviction, Commitment, and (in) Charge. And we achieve these by Coaching expectant individuals!

What We Teach

Birth Coach Method teaches knowledgeable birth professionals, just like you, how to integrate well-established coaching principles and strategies into childbirth support in order to lead the best birthing experiences available for their clients!

The coaching strategies we teach will allow you to lead powerful and engaging prenatal conversations in order to:

  • Increase women's trust in themselves and the normal process of childbirth
  • Elicit each couple’s accountability for actively creating their healthy births
  • Strengthen women’s trust in your partnership as a member of their support team

What's So Great About Coaching?

Coaching is a practice in which leaders bring individuals closer to their goals. We do so by facilitating clarity and providing our clients with the strategies to confidently overcome challenges and internal resistances.
This sounds perfect for childbirth, right?

Indeed, the healthcare system already recognizes the value of coaching, and collaborate with health and lifestyle coaches.  With the practicality of coaching tools, you can create a powerful shift in your clients’ perspectives and help birthing women acknowledge and own their power and accountability in the birthing process.

Birth Coach Method strives to lead pregnancy and birth support that is based on mutual respect, mutual trust, and partnership.

Meet the Team

Neri Life-Choma

M.A., Founder

Neri holds a master's degree in cognitive science. She is a certified birth doula and childbirth educator, a certified hypnotherapist,  a transformational life Coach and NLP practitioner.

During her 20 years of practice, Neri founded a doula support program in a major hospital, and a birth resource center. She led hundreds of childbirth education classes and workshops and supported many couples through their birth. (See Neri's CV here.)

After recieveing her coaching certification, Neri began leading professional development workshops with the goal of teaching birth professionals to integrate coaching skills into the field of birth support.  She founded Birth Coach Method, and has been creating all the workshops, online classes and products of the company. 

In November 2012 Neri launched her DVD Practicing for an Active Birth, The Most Comprehensive Audio-Visual Guide for an Active and Healthy birth which you can find in our store. In November 2016 she published her first book The Art of Coaching for Childbirth, Integrating the Principles of Coaching into Birth Support.

"It gives me a great sense of fulfillment when recall all the couples I've educated and supported in my 20 years of practice. Teaching birth support professionals is an honor. Thank you for joining me on our mission to provide birth support that acknowledges our clients' truth and vulnerability, and then infuses them with our professional knowledge and evidence-based practice." 

Stephanie Sheldon-Mollinier

Project Manager

Stephanie joined birth Coach method as the head of birth workers enrichment and relation department. She is a certified Birth Coach Method Doula and an educator.

Stephanie holds a BA in Communication Studies and an MA in Teaching English. She enjoyed teaching English to international students at the university level for over ten years.

Stephanie is the mother of three vibrant daughters and has been married to a Frenchman for over fifteen years. She lives with her family in Santa Clara, California.

"I love the challenge and beauty of birth. I am following my passion and calling in life as a birth doula. In my eyes, it is important that women and couples feel supported, respected and cared for as they welcome their child(ren) to the world."  

Olga Libova

Advisory Committee

Olga is a DNP, M.S, and California Board Certified Nurse- Midwife. She is a tenured nursing faculty in De Anza college nursing program and Childbirth Educator. 

Olga practices and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area California. She is a mother of three children. These days Olga is practicing with Altos Oaks Medical Group in Mountain View California. 

Olga contributes a wealth of information to our program when it comes to prenatal care and alterations, medical aspects of labor, and birth and labor and delivery medical procedures. She is always updated when it comes to obstetric regulations and recommendations of ACOG.  

Alit Ronen

Advisory Committee

Alit is a CNM (Israel), Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula as well as co-founder of Mama Center (Israel and CA). She is practicing as an L&D nurse in UCLA Santa Monica, LA since 1991. She is a mother of two children as well as a grandma of two.

In 1999 Alit moved to Israel and enrolled in Midwifery school and became a CNM.  She worked in the hospital setting as a midwife and attended home births too.   

" My goal and passion are to empower women through education to have the birth of their choice. With the changing climate of healthcare, professional doulas can help women greatly in achieving their desired birth."  

Julie Dubrouillet

Advisory Committee

Julie is a certified labor support doula, childbirth and lactation educator and prenatal yoga instructor, as well as a trainer of childbirth educators. She is the pre-natal Health Education Specialist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

Julie taught thousands of couples how best to approach childbirth, and directly supported hundreds of couples through the births of their children. Julie’s experience and knowledge are a great contribution to the advisory committee of the Birth Coach Method.  

Julie is the co-author of the book Deliver! A concise guide to helping the woman you love through labor which you can find at our store.  Julie is a mother of two children, and lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

"I am thrilled to work with an amazing Birth Professional such as Neri.  She brings a knowledge that can only come with years of experience to all she does and I believe her ideas and program will help all those individuals who support laboring women."