Training programs for all birth support professionals
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Coaching & Coping in Labor & Delivery 

A Pathway to Patient-Centered Maternal Care and Increase in Vaginal Births

This one-day on-site or online workshop provides nurses with 11 CEs approved by the CA BRN

Our Patient-Centered Coaching Approach

Patient-Engagement, Patient-Centered Care, and partnership. These are the three keys in obstetric nursing leading the way to achieve the Vaginal Birth Initiative. These were also found to be the leading principles of safety of care and patients' satisfaction in general healthcare. However, obstetric caregivers are hardly trained with adequate coaching strategies and labor support tools that can achieve these three desired goals.  We got you covered! 

  • How broad is the variety of labor support tools with which you can support your patients right now? How can you help them cope and progress in their labor?

  • How confident are you in your verbal leadership skills with which you can help birth givers overcome moments of despair and hold on to their conviction of having a vaginal and active birth?

  • Do you know how to establish the partnership needed between you and your patients and their families, in order for your patients to have a healthy and satisfying birth experience?

If you're not positively sure about those questions, and want to learn effective coaching strategies that establish rapport and partnership, and fully engage your patients in the birthing process so they remain true to their vision, read on. Birth Coach Method has a new online training program developed just for L&D nurses. Our program makes the three goals of obstetric nursing achievable!

Old Mindset New Mindset for OBGYN Nurses

What We Teach

Our program combines coaching skills with traditional labor support techniques that have always guided and supported birthing women

  • LEADING patient-centered maternal care to increase patient satisfaction

  • TEACHING  L&D staff to establish rapport and coach for better outcomes

  • EXPANDING nurses' variety of labor support techniques and strategies, increasing the chances of healthy vaginal deliveries

Neri teaching labor and delivery nurses the birth coach method

In Support of the Vaginal Birth Initiative

With the current efforts made by several organizations, including ACOG and WHO, to reduce cesarean rates and support the vaginal birth initiative (VBI), it has become evident that clinical skills, while necessary and valuable, are not sufficient.

We will provide you with the missing skills to support the vaginal birth initiative!

 "Rather than birth necessarily being a medical event managed through objective scientific knowledge and technology, it is seen as an embodied social, psychological and spiritual process, one which requires supportive relationships, personal knowledge, and understanding.“

Reiger K. & Morton C., 2012, International Journal of Childbirth
Labor and delivery nurse class with Birth Coach Method

New Online Program (11 CEs)

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Here are some of the things nurses said when they were asked: "What are you taking away from the workshop?"

"Thank you for organizing all this and seeing the need for a labor coaching class; this is where I struggle the most -  how to manage unmedicated patients. 
I loved the hands on experience.  It really embedded the new information in my head. I will definitely use these techniques with my laboring patients, whether they are in early labor, active or with epidural.  The class overall covered everything I expected and more.  I'm glad we talked about early labor and epidurals, I wasn't expecting that. It was very helpful."


Imola Mekeres, Valley Care Stanford, CA

"I really enjoyed learning about mirroring (the video was very interesting!) and establishing rapport. I also really like working together on case studies to roll play responses for different types of patient scenarios. I like how you had different modes of instruction, from the video to the group discussion, to the breathing exercises, to keep us awake and engaged. And of course, we definitely liked the hands-on skills, and how to use each technique for the stage and phase of labor that is appropriate. shortly after the workshop, we did put our skills into action and we had a phenomenal success story facilitating a safe vaginal birth."

Lauren Severiano, ValleyCare Stanford, CA

"The coaching questions are so valuable. I can’t wait to ask every patient: “How can I best support you right now? It’s such a simple way to understand her my patient's beliefs and needs."







"I thought it was interesting to evaluate perspectives; doula vs. nursing and how the two can work together as a team... I learned multiple tools that can be applied to the daily nursing practice of caring for the labor patient. Communicating differently with patients and their support system when a plan for childbirth needs to be determined on admission, and providing options and encouraging a smooth transition through labor became easier with the coaching strategies. I thought the workshop was great for team-building and bonding amongst staff."

Megan McKerrow, Stanford ValeyCare