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We Teach Patient Engagement & Labor Support Strategies

Our Patient-Centered Coaching Approach

Tammy arrived in L&D yesterday night looking excited and somewhat anxious. Between contractions, she handed you her birth plan, which clearly stated that she would like to have a natural birth and avoid routine medical interventions. You wholeheartedly respect and support her wishes, as those are fully aligned with your managers' efforts to reduce cesarean rates and increase vaginal deliveries. However, Tammy is in a lot of pain and she was found to be only 1 cm dilated after many hours of labor.

  • How broad is the variety of labor support tools with which you can support Tammy right now? How can you help her cope and achieve progress in her labor, without giving up on her birth vision?

  • How confident are you in your verbal leadership skills with which you can help Tammy overcome this moment of despair and hold on to her conviction of having a natural active birth?

If you're not positively sure about those questions, and want to learn effective coaching strategies that establish rapport and partnership, and fully engage your patients in the birthing process so they remain true to their vision, read on. Birth Coach Method has a one-day training program developed just for L&D nurses, and we're happy to hold it at your place of work.

What We Teach

Our workshops combine coaching skills with traditional labor support techniques that have always guided and supported birthing women.

  • LEADING patient-centered maternal care to increase patient satisfaction

  • TEACHING  L&D staff to establish rapport and coach for better outcomes

  • EXPANDING nurses' variety of labor support techniques and strategies, increasing the chances of healthy vaginal deliveries

Clinical Skills Are Often Not Enough

With the current efforts made by several organizations, including ACOG and WHO, to reduce cesarean rates and support the vaginal birth initiative (VBI), it has become evident that clinical skills, while necessary and valuable, are not sufficient.

We will provide you with the missing skills to support the vaginal birth initiative!

 "Rather than birth necessarily being a medical event managed through objective scientific knowledge and technology, it is seen as an embodied social, psychological and spiritual process, one which requires supportive relationships, personal knowledge, and understanding.“

Reiger K. & Morton C., 2012, International Journal of Childbirth

Bring Our One-Day Workshop to Your Institute!

This one-day workshop is approved for 8 CE credit hours by the California BRN.

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Here are some of the things nurses said when they were asked: "What are you taking away from the workshop?"

"The workshop is so relevant. In 15 years of practice, I never had the chance to practice all the valuable techniques to support a woman in labor. Especially the many tools to help a posterior baby rotate. I think we should have a bi-monthly refresher with you because I can't imagine any of us remember all of them."

"I love having verbal coaching as my strategy to give the power back to my patient; to help her own the birth. It’s a relief to be able to ask her: “Which steps did you take in order to achieve this birth plan?” and make her understand that I can’t be the only one accountable for her desired birth."

"The coaching questions are so valuable. I can’t wait to ask every patient: “How can I best support you right now? It’s such a simple way to understand her my patient's beliefs and needs."

"The mirroring, definitely. I will never again enter the room and greet a new patient without matching her body position, her breath work, or her tone of voice. It makes so much sense now."