Nurses' Testimonials

In May-June 2018, I had the honor of leading all the L&D nursing staff at El-Camino Hospitals, located in Mountain View and Los Gatos, California.

Here are some of the things nurses said when they were asked: What is your take away from the workshop today?

“The workshop is so relevant. In 15 years of practice, I never had the chance to practice all the valuable techniques to support a woman in labor. Especially the many tools to help a posterior baby rotate. I think we should have a bi-monthly refresher workshop with you because I can’t imagine any of us remember all of them.”

“It was an important lesson for me to recognize how fast and irresistibly we are all responding to a patient’s request for an epidural by running to get the anesthesiologist. We can’t assume that the mother knows the dramatic difference in her birth experience after taking epidural. And you are right, it might just be her way of asking for our support…saying that she is in pain. We need to take the time to provide her with the right support and information, suggest a coping position or apply massage…she might be able to avoid it.”

“The mirroring, definitely. I will never again enter the room and greet a new patient without matching her body position, her breath work, or her tone of voice. It makes so much sense now after the rapport exercise.”

“The coaching questions are so valuable. I can’t wait to ask every patient: “How can I best support you right now? It’s such a simple way to understand her beliefs and personal needs.”


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