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A Paradigm Shift in Birth Support

The concept of life coaching has been around since the early 1970s, but only really started to take off as a profession in the 1990s.

Childbirth education has also been around for a similar length of time, but until now the two have never crossed paths. 

That is until the Coaching for Childbirth Method was developed.

I love having verbal coaching as my strategy to give the power back to my patient; to help her own her birth.

Welcome to our Growing Community of Birth Coaches

Our community is made of obstetric nurses, doulas, childbirth educators, prenatal yoga teachers, and lifestyle and health coaches, who integrate coaching principles and strategies into their practice. 

I developed the Coaching for Childbirth Method after practicing birth support for more than a decade. During these years I witnessed expectant couples getting overwhelmed by the overload of information, not knowing how to navigate their options. I witnessed them losing trust in themselves while being torn between opposing evidence, perspectives and coping strategies, offered to them by two clashing paradigms of maternal care - the medical model of care and the natural birth approach.

And so, Birth Coach Method was developed in order to give the power back to the couples and lead birth support that begins with couples' knowledge of themselves. Because in the end, avoiding or resolving internal conflicts, resistance, and uncertainty, is the pathway towards a confident and healthy process of pregnancy and birth. 

To Healthy Births on Earth!

Neri Life-Choma

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Evidence-Based Studies in Support of Coaching for Pregnancy and Birth

April 25, 2019

While working on my new certification course, Coaching for Pregnancy and Birth, I researched studies which will provide the scientific data to support what I already knew – coaching provides the most beneficial strategies to lead expectant couples toward a healthy and satisfying journey of pregnancy, birth and early postpartum.