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Your Impactful and Thriving Birth Practice

Helping birth givers gain clarity, confidence, and convictions so that they take charge! 

Transformative Strategies for the Utmost Transformation

Birth Coach Method is here to transform the practice of birth support and set you up for a rewarding and viable career. Our programs are packed with game-changing strategies that allow you to actualize your passion to support expectant and laboring individuals and parents in the early postpartum period.  

Transformational birth coaching is the #1 key to empowering expectant individuals. After practicing birth support for 24 years, Neri's program is packed with proven recipes for success, impact, purpose-based, and profitable birth support practice.  When you employ the strategies of this new approach you:

  • Shift the focus to continuous prenatal coaching (vs. continuous support during long hours of birth)
  • Build momentum when you coach throughout labor and birth (if you're a doula)
  • Provide online prenatal and postpartum coaching to expectant clients all around the world
  • Gain impact, freedom, and income
  • Coach toward one's desired experiences (vs. informing them)
  • Employ philosophy and strategies that resonate with your clients
  • Individualize the support process and lead the way to patient's autonomy and patient-centered care 
  • Lead  your clients to be the experts and  own  their journey so that you are avoiding professional fatigue

We are Committed to Your Success! 

Master the Art of Conversational Birth Support 3-Day FREE Virtual Workshop starts on Jan. 25

Lamaze Approved!

Our Transformational Birth Support Certification Program is approved by LAMAZE INTERNATIONAL for 13.5 Lamaze CEUs. These hours may be applied towards recertification as an LCCE educator under the learning competencies 1, 2, 5, and 7. (LIN 19-06).

Our Growing Community of

Transformational Birth Support Coaches

Our community of transformational birth coaches is growing!  Among us are doulas, childbirth educators, prenatal yoga teachers, obstetric nurses, and midwives. From prenatal sessions throughout childbirth and during the postpartum period, we show you how to integrate strategies transformative strategies that have been proven to lead individuals to optimally navigate and perform throughout their Journey of pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent. 

Our five 'C's are: Clarity, Confidence, Conviction, Commitment, and (in) Charge. And we achieve them by - Coaching!

To Healthy Births on Earth!

Neri Life-Choma

Newly trained birth support coaches with their certifications

Birth Coach Method has given me the tools to get at the heart of what my clients truly want and the tools to help them manifest the experience they desire...This method has helped me better understand, connect with, and empower my clients to align what they believe with what they want and ultimately lead them to achieve those goals.

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Evidence-Based Studies in Support of Coaching for Pregnancy and Birth

April 25, 2019

While working on my new certification course, Coaching for Pregnancy and Birth, I researched studies which will provide the scientific data to support what I already knew – coaching provides the most beneficial strategies to lead expectant couples toward a healthy and satisfying journey of pregnancy, birth and early postpartum.

Evidence-Based Studies in Support of Coaching for Pregnancy and Birth