Birth Professionals

These classes and educational products were designed to enrich certified Birth Doulas, Childbirth educators, and other Birth Professionals.

Look at the variety of our classes – you can learn everything from more theoretical lessons that will deepen your understanding of the birth process, to very practical hands-on lessons which will enrich you with labor support and coaching tools. You can also enhance your understanding of medical interventions in Labor and Delivery, and learn how to coach around this complex topic.

When signing up for a class you will receive an email with user name and password which will grant you access to this class for 6 full weeks. Please allow us 24-48 hours to send you this email.

You do not have to take our full program if you are already certified and looking for professional development. However, if you are looking to become certified as a Birth Coach, please refer to out Birth Coach Method Training Program, which includes much more than these individual classes.

Here is to leading Healthy and Active Births!

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