Get Coaching and Mentoring Sessions with the founder, Neri Life-Choma



Coaching doulas and leading them to establish their practice, improve their services, and grow as birth workers, is one of my passions. This one-hour coaching/mentoring session is designed to help you grow professionally and personally!
The coaching tools and strategies that I use can lead you to better understand your role, as well as to resolve areas of challenge in your practice or personal life. 

Here are some of the topics doulas bring to these coaching conversations: 

  1. Set up your goals and actions towards establishing your doula practice.
  2. Resolve tension in your relationship with your clients or with the medical staff.
  3. Get a deeper understanding of what went wrong at birth that left you burned out, and get tools to make it better next time.
  4. Resolve issues around the advocacy dilemma that doulas encounter so often.
  5. Improve your verbal tools and strategies and learn to facilitate beneficial prenatal meetings.
  6. Be coached around personal challenges that keep showing up to you in your work, and resolve them once and for all!

How does it work?

  • You share your goal prior to the session via email –  what would you like to be coach about?
  • You share your thinking process around the topic- where are you at and what is the nature of the challenge?
  • If there is a birth scenario involved –  you briefly describe it.
  • We have the coaching session via Skype or phone and we design a working plan for you to practice new ways of doing or being with the matter.

How much does it cost?  

One session – $130

Two session – $200

A package of 5 sessions – $400

Call me for 15-minute free consultation, and to decide what is the right path for you!



Neri Life-Choma

I am the founder of Birth Coach Method and am celebrating 20 years of leadership in the field of childbirth support. Throughout my career, I have been honored to provide doula support and teach childbirth ed. classes to hundreds of expectant couples, as well as to direct two birth resource centers. I am also a doula leader in my community in the South Bay area of Silicon Valley in California.
Neri Life-Choma