Childbearing Support 101: Prerequisites for Transformational Birth Support Coaching

$575.00 for 1 month

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*You can only purchase this program in combination with the Transformational Birth Support Coaching Membership Program.

The Transformational Birth Support Coaching Certification Course was designed as a continuing education course for trained birth professionals. However, we keep receiving many inquiries from newbies to the field who have no prior education or training in the field of birth support.

If you are not a birth doula, nor a childbirth educator, or was trained as a support agent in the field of birth support – no worries! We created a prerequisite program that will guarantee that you have enough background to understand the major dilemmas, fears, concerns, and challenges that your clients might encounter throughout the journey of pregnancy and birth.  You can study the prerequisite program lessons and join the coaching course.

Following your registration, you’ll receive an email inviting you to create your username and password on our membership website.  Once we approve you as a member, you’ll have 4-month access to complete the study of the program.

These are the classes you’ll learn in this pre-requisite program:

  1. The Physiology and Anatomy of Childbirth
  2. Prenatal Care and Common Complications in Pregnancy
  3. The Most Common Medical Interventions in L&D for Birth Doulas and Childbirth Educators
  4. Stages and Phases of Labor
  5. Labor Support Tools Series
  6. Physiological and Emotional Changes in Postpartum

Please note: Access  is granted for a 4-month period

Neri Life-Choma