Meet Our Global Community of

Transformational Birth Support Coaches

Our global community of birth support coaches keeps growing! We proudly present our graduates who have gone through the efforts to complete the highly demanding process and achieved their certification successfully. Congratulations, birth coaches!

Alexis Brunstedt, All-Options Counselor

N. San Diego County,, California

Alexis’s goal is to provide unconditional and judgment-free coaching for the full spectrum of decisions, feelings, and experiences relating to pregnancy, parenting, abortion, adoption, and other life transitions. Alexis believes that her clients are creative, resourceful, and capable of determining the best options for their lives that align with their values. She is creating a safe space for clients to explore all options with compassion that leads to a sense of purpose, and success. 

Bee Maxwell

I’m here to help you prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for labor, and becoming a strong, capable and confident mother. I’m here to help you discover your truth. 
I’m a mother of 3, birth educator, pre/ post natal yoga teacher, transformational pre/postnatal + birth support coach, lover of the moon, music & dancing my way through life.
I believe that pregnancy, birthing and motherhood are a rite of passage. It is your birth right as a woman to have the pregnancy and birth experience that empower you to be the mother the world needs right now. 

Bertine van Norden-Attia

Oss, Nederland

Bertine owns Beautiful Beginnings in Oss, Nederland.  She offers birth and postpartum doula guidance, pregnancy counseling, childbirth education classes, pregnancy massage, and consultations in special situations during pregnancy. 

Dagný Erla Vilbergsdóttir


 Dagny is a Birth and Postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and prenatal yoga instructor.  Dagny offers expectant mothers, their partners, and families, person-centered services. Dagny is also a Homoeopath and loves to work in the area of Birth Support.

Beatrice Maytas

London, UK

Beatrice is a mother to my 11 children who has been a childbirth educator and doula for the past 8 years.  She is passionate about her vocation and enjoys being part of clients’ journey to motherhood in four languages - French, English, Hebrew, and Yiddish, in various hospitals in London.  Beatrice likes to keep herself informed and up to date with the latest. She has enjoyed training through the Birth Coach Method and already incorporated it in her work as a Doula and CBE with wonderful results.

Desola Amos, BCM trained Birth & PP Doula

SF-Bay Area
Desola is a Birth Coach Method certified transformational birth coach and doula. She has six amazing children and three grandchildren.  She is a seasoned preschool teacher for over 20 years. 
Desola is passionate about empowering families to achieve their vision for their birth. She feels that her life and birth experiences prepared her to lead, coach, and support families throughout their journey. 

Dimitra Tsagkaraki, Doula

Larnaca, Cyprus

Dimitra discovered her passion to support birth throughout her own birth experiences. Dimitra is empowering, coaching, supporting, educating women all over the world hot to birth and breastfeed their babies, while trusting themselves as women and being there for our children. For her, this is a pathway to making this world a better place.

Joanne Dahill, CD(DONA), HCHI

Durham, North Carolina

Joanne has been passionate about birth, its power, and mystery since the first homebirth she attended at age 19.  She has extensive training in a wide variety of modalities.  Joanne is a massage therapist and somatic educator, a doula, and a Hypnobabies instructor. 

Fatima wheeler

New Zealand

Fatima is a mother of two beautiful children who ignited her passion to work in the birthing space. After two empowering births at home, she felt called to help pregnant women and became a transformational birth coach. She brings her experience as a Mother’s Blessing facilitator and prenatal yoga teacher into her practice.

Fatima's ultimate goal is to help women feel supported, empowered, and deeply connected to their own strength and wisdom as they navigate the transformative journey of childbirth and motherhood.

Hilary Ogro Plante

Concord, CA

Hilary is a Transformational Birth Coach who realized her passion for pregnancy and birth when she gave birth to her first son. She has been a 3rd-grade teacher in the SF Bay Area for 7 years, and she's excited to combine her love of teaching with supporting birth givers and their families. She believes mothers need to be surrounded by support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and she loves to provide one piece of that support to her clients. Hilary is passionate about guiding birthgivers and their partners to feel empowered during childbirth and beyond.

Peggy Cheyo, CBE

Milton keynes, UK

Peggy is passionate about empowering parents to feel more confident in their parenting journey. She has been working for 12 years providing postnatal support, antenatal education, and hypnobirthing as well as Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 step rewind program.

Liz Foster, CD(DONA), HCHD

Denver, Colorado

Liz has been a birth doula, prenatal and postpartum coach for 4 years. Her passion is to make positive birth and postpartum experiences an outstanding norm for all. Liz supports births of all kinds, inciting the inner strength every mother is entitled to throughout the birth process.

Serena Oliveira, Birth & PP Doula

Northern Vancouver Island, Canada
Serena has been practicing herbalism and doula support since 2007.  She weaves together her diverse heritage, ancestral passion, and holistic wisdom to nurture new and growing families of all ages throughout the spectrum of reproductive decision-making. ​Serena holds the highest intentions of support, education, and wellness in her heart and hands as she brings together over a decade of full-spectrum doula service, prenatal education, community postpartum wisdom, and holistic coaching. 

Jill McKnight, Birth Doula

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jill is a mother to 3 wonderful children who are the reasons why she pursued her passion to work with birthing women. Jill is passionate about birth and will lead you towards your most optimal birth experience using birth support coaching tools. Jill has a life-long commitment to learning, unlearning, and being in conversation about racial disparities in birth. She is committed to doing her part to create an inclusive practice where her clients feel seen and heard during their unique pregnancy and birth journeys.

Megan Sweetman, Full Spectrum Doula

Guerneville, California

Meg was inspired to become a Birth Keeper after the birth of her second child in 2014. She strongly believes that birth givers' experiences have a direct effect on how they step into their role as a parent. As a Full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Specialist, and Perinatal Coach, Meg's passion also extends to helping birth givers that have been through unique and difficult experiences surrounding the perinatal time such as grief, loss or separation. 

Quinne Brown Huffman

Santa Monica, Ca

Quinne is a DONA-trained doula and certified transformational birth and mindfulness coach. For the past 10 years, she has supported many couples as a doula and worked in the coaching space with individuals who felt overwhelmed amid transition. She uses the specific tools of prenatal therapy, Thai Yoga massage, movement, breath, and mindfulness to awaken wholeness. She believes in the power of storytelling and improvisation and has a very playful coaching style.

Poonam Singh, Life Coach

Mountain View, California

Poonam is proud to be a Birth Support Coach. She brings her experience as a life coach and mom circle facilitator into her practice, as well as follows in the legacy of her grandmother and mother's experience as midwives and birth support mentors. She is looking to work with all types of women in Silicon Valley and understands the constraints of modern lifestyle has on birth. She particularly wants to work with immigrant women and women of color, and help women of all backgrounds access a positive, empowering birth experience.

Kelli Ghanati, Birth Doula

San Jose , California

Kelli is a doula and mom of three adventurous boys. She earned a Bachelor of Music in performance and taught 5th-graders for 10 years. Today she combines her love of sharing knowledge with the profound joy of supporting families as they welcome a new member.  Kelli enjoys integrating coaching practices into her birth support and looks forward to helping her future clients find their voices and feel empowered in their choices. 

Ksenia Galina, CBD, PPD, CBE


Ksenia is a Russian-American who has been living in Singapore for 10 years, practicing as a birth and PP doula, as well as a childbirth educator. She is very excited to integrate Birth Coaching Method practices into her work as she strives to empower families with busy lives to get the best out of their pregnancy, birth, and early parenting experience. Ksenia is all about empathy, practical tips, non-judgemental support, and getting the best out of any situation.

Ronnie Louros, CD, CBE

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

My journey began in 1995 with my first birth. I am a mother to four biological sons and two adopted daughters. I gave birth with joy, peace, and empowerment. I was passionate to share with others what worked for me. I became a Natural childbirth instructor and a doula in 2007.  As a    transformational birth coach, I have an even greater understanding and framework that works for empowering moms to achieve the birth experience they desire.


San Diego, California

Joy has been passionate about birth work since 2012. She sees herself as an ally, someone to walk beside her clients as they move through their pregnancy and birth. Joy is a birth doula, childbirth educator, lactation educator counselor, placenta specialist, and perinatal coach. She believes in the importance of non-judgmental care, support, resources, and strategies as her clients step into their own innate power and inner wisdom.

Nur Hafiza Kemat, Birth Doula and CBE

Doha, Qatar

Nur loves to help women find the power and strength within themselves, to know that they can give birth the best way with their body and with what their hearts and minds feel at ease with. Helping women shift, transform, and experience the miraculous touches of birth brings her great joy and fulfillment.  Nur extends her services to those who wish to experience an Islamically-inspired birth and all who want a birth that is in touch with their bodies and souls. 

Kristin Revere, MM, CED-L, CED-PIC

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kristin owns Gold Coast Doulas and is the co-host of the Ask the Doulas podcast. She is a certified birth, postpartum, and infant care doula through ProDoula. She is also a certified VBAC Academy Pro and Newborn Care Specialist through Newborn Care Specialist. She teaches Comfort Measures for Labor and founded the “Becoming A Mother” online course. Kristin is passionate about supporting women, both personally and professionally. 

Shereen Zarroug, CD(DONA), LCCE

Dubai, UAE

Shereen is a mom of 3, from Dubai (origins from Sudan) and was inspired by her own 3 birth experiences, receiving a calling to support expectant couples. She empowers couples to embrace what they already know and ignite the birth warrior within them. She offers birth doula support, childbirth education classes & Hypnobirthing courses. Her mission is to elicit couples' confidence and awareness of their options.

Stephanie Sheldon-Mollinier, CD, CBE

Santa Clara, California

Stephanie is the head of the birth pros. enrichment and relation department at Birth Coach Method. She has been Neri's partner in developing the coaching course and understanding birth workers' needs. Stephanie is a certified Birth Coach Method Doula, CD(DONA), and a Birth Support Coach.

Jessica Price, Lifestyle Coach

La Jolla, CA, USA

As a Certified Health Coach and Birth Coach, my true passion lies in intentional holistic living. I'm committed to support and help others reach their overall desired wellness and birth goals, and to feel their best! I'm a mother to a beautiful 2-year old boy and reside in La Jolla, CA. 

Ikumi Fritz CBD (CBI) SBD

Nagasaki City, Japan

Ikumi was inspired to become a birth doula following her own birth experience and after helping her local American friend to overcome socio-cultural challenges concerning her birth. She is a birth/stillbirth doula, assisting mothers since 2017. Ikumi strongly believes in a non-judgemental approach with a focus on emotional and individual support for clients. Currently, she is interested in utilizing arts and crafts to connect local parents to their birthing emotions and experiences.

Rose IsBell, RN, Coach

Texas, USA

Rose IsBell is a wife, mother of 4 children, and a follower of Christ. She's been a nurse for 11 years and is a Health Advocate, an Aesthetician, and a Transformational Coach. Rose believes in divine principles, gifts, purpose, power, and potential. Coaching expectant women in preparation for childbirth and helping them realize their gifts and power is the key and source of her strength for labor & delivery and beyond.

Leah Michel, CBE, Transformational Birth Support Coach

Dordrecht, Nederland
Leah holds a BA in Biochemistry and a Master's in Traditional East Asian Medicine. 
Soon after pursuing training in childbirth education, Leah realized that we didn't need more information but instead to be empowered to use our information in ways that best help our own experiences. This led her to Transformational Birth Coaching. She now offers her services exclusively online. 

Jenna Snaer, Full Spectrum Doula

Sonoma County, CA, USA

Jenna is a second-generation birth support person, having grown up with parents who were natural childbirth instructors and co-founders of Safeborn, an organization. She attended home births throughout her childhood and always felt a pull towards continuing in this work herself. Since 2014,  Jenna has practiced as a certified birth and postpartum doula, perinatal coach, and placenta encapsulator. She proudly supports all birth and reproductive choices and family structures. 

Tanai Holder

Long Beach, Californina

Tanai works to educate, empower, and promote wellness from the inside out.  With over 15 years of experience in the spiritual wellness industry, Tanai hopes to educate, empower, uplift, and assist others to tap into their own power and potential. As an experienced Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach, she has seen the results of tapping into her personal power to change her own life as well as those around her. 

Shoshana Sloman

Indiana, USA

My goal is to empower expectant individuals to engage with their providers in planning birth experiences that help them feel safe, supported, and involved in the process. My professional training and experience in psychology and coaching, in combination with the Birth Coach Method and Lamaze certifications, prepared me to help expectant parents explore their beliefs and fears, clarify their values and preferences, and identify ways to achieve their goals.

Kathleen Paige Adilapuram

Indianapolis, Indiana

Kathleen is a full-spectrum doula with a passion for helping women on their journey to a calm, confident, and fear-free birth. She spent ten years in India, educating and supporting moms with healthy birth practices. In 2022 she returned to the US, where she hopes to support and guide women to have the birth they truly desire. Kathleen incorporates essential oils, hypnobirthing, mindset and energy work, and ayurvedic methods in her support.

Susan Arthur

SF-Bay Area, USA

Susan is a health educator, coach, and yoga instructor who serves birthing and postpartum families and their babies in person in San Francisco, California, and virtually for those of you who live elsewhere. She is ready to coach individuals prenatally to help clarify goals, remind them of their strengths, navigate personal challenges, and partner with them during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys so they can enjoy the process of becoming a new parent.

Faheema Z. Mohammed, CD, CBE

Saudi Arabia

Faheema is a Trinidadian born and raised mom of 3 kids, residing with
her husband in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She is a certified Advanced
Doula and Childbirth Educator. She loves assisting parents on their
pregnancy journey and hopes to be blessed with assisting many more
as a newly certified transformational birth support coach. She assists
online and in person and can be reached at

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