Our Global Community of Birth Support Coaches!

Our global community of birth support coaches keeps growing! We proudly present our graduates who have gone through the efforts to complete the highly demanding process and achieved their certification successfully. Congratulations, birth coaches!

Our Certified Coaches

Bertine van Norden-Attia

Oss, Nederland

Bertine owns Beautiful Beginnings in Oss, Nederland.  She offers birth and postpartum doula guidance, pregnancy counseling, childbirth education classes, pregnancy massage, and consultations in special situations during pregnancy. 

Liz Foster, CD(DONA), HCHD

Denver, Colorado

Liz has been a birth doula, prenatal and postpartum coach for 4 years. Her passion is to make positive birth and postpartum experiences an outstanding norm for all. Liz supports births of all kinds, inciting the inner strength every mother is entitled to throughout the birth process.

Joanne Dahill, CD(DONA), HCHI

Durham, North Carolina

Joanne has been passionate about birth, its power, and mystery since the first homebirth she attended at age 19.  She has extensive training in a wide variety of modalities.  Joanne is a massage therapist and somatic educator, a doula, and a Hypnobabies instructor. 

Stephanie Sheldon-Mollinier, CD, CBE

Santa Clara, California

Stephanie is the head of the birth pros. enrichment and relation department at Birth Coach Method. She has been Neri's partner in developing the coaching course and understanding birth workers' needs. Stephanie is a certified Birth Coach Method Doula, CD(DONA), and a Birth Support Coach.

Kelli Ghanati, Birth Doula

San Jose , California

Kelli is a doula and mom of three adventurous boys. She earned a Bachelor of Music in performance and taught 5th-graders for 10 years. Today she combines her love of sharing knowledge with the profound joy of supporting families as they welcome a new member.  Kelli enjoys integrating coaching practices into her birth support and looks forward to helping her future clients find their voices and feel empowered in their choices. 

Serena Oliveira, Birth & PP Doula

Northern Vancouver Island, Canada
Serena has been practicing herbalism and doula support since 2007.  She weaves together her diverse heritage, ancestral passion, and holistic wisdom to nurture new and growing families of all ages throughout the spectrum of reproductive decision making. ​In her heart and hands, Serena holds the highest intentions of support, education, and wellness as she brings together over a decade of full-spectrum doula service, prenatal education, community postpartum wisdom, and holistic coaching. 

Megan Sweetman, Full Spectrum Doula

Guerneville, California

Meg was inspired to become a Birth Keeper after the birth of her second child in 2014. She strongly believes that birth givers' experiences have a direct effect on how they step into their role as a parent. As a Full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Specialist, and Perinatal Coach, Meg's passion also extends to helping birth givers that have been through unique and difficult experiences surrounding the perinatal time such as grief, loss or separation. 

Jill McKnight, Birth Doula

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jill is a mother to 3 wonderful children who are the reasons why she pursued her passion to work with birthing women. Jill is passionate about birth and will lead you towards your most optimal birth experience using birth support coaching tools. Jill has a life-long commitment to learning, unlearning, and being in conversation about racial disparities in birth. She is committed to doing her part to create an inclusive practice where her clients feel seen and heard during their unique pregnancy and birth journeys.

Poonam Singh, Life Coach

Mountain View, California

Poonam is proud to be a Birth Support Coach. She brings her experience as a life coach and mom circle facilitator into her practice, as well as follows in the legacy of her grandmother and mother's experience as midwives and birth support mentors. She is looking to work with all types of women in Silicon Valley and understands the constraints of modern lifestyle has on birth. She particularly wants to work with immigrant women and women of color, and help women of all backgrounds access a positive, empowering birth experience.

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