Informing? Supporting?

Let's Add Coaching!

We teach doulas and other birth support providers coaching strategies and verbal leadership skills that lay the foundation for healthy birth experiences.

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Do many of your clients end up with birth experiences so different from their original vision? 

  • How often do things go astray despite the resources and information you provided prenatally?

  • Are you exhausted from years of practicing in a 'battle zone' between two opposing perspectives, while experts on both sides neglect the only perspective that matters - the parents’?

  • Do you feel burnt out by long hours of supporting your client during labor? Don't you wish you could spend many of these hours prenatally, instilling confidence and eliciting strong convictions in them?  

You are not alone. Many birth support professionals, such as doulas, childbbirth educators , prenatal yoga instructors, and others, feel the same frustration. That's why we developed Birth Coach Method. 

The Birth Support Coaching training will help you engage in powerful conversations that lead expectant individuals to actualize their desired experiences. The coaching for childbirth method is built around the five 'C's: Clarity, Confidence, Commitment, Conviction and (in) Charge. You'll learn to provide a series of prenatal coaching sessions that will lead your client to optimally conduct herself throughout the process, which in turn will increase her satisfaction level of the experience. 

Positive Birth Experiences Created By Positive Mindsets

Lamaze Approved!

This program has been approved by LAMAZE INTERNATIONAL for 13.5 Lamaze Contact Hours. These hours may be applied towards recertification as an LCCE educator under the learning competencies 1, 2, 5, and 7. (LIN 19-06).

Enroll in Our Coaching Course and Learn to:

  • Establish rapport and position ourself as an attentive and trustworthy leader.
  • Facilitate clarity around your client's belief system and desired birth process. 
  • Increase your clients' confidence and reduce fears and resistance 
  • Utilize your clients’ areas of strength  
  • Help your clients set tangible goals and the steps toward achieving them  
  • Align your clients' beliefs with their wishes and actions
  • Elicit your clients' accountability for their journey

Why Integrate Coaching into Birth Support? 

Coaches are leaders that bring individuals closer to their goals by facilitating clarity and providing clients with the strategies to confidently overcome challenges and internal resistances. This sounds perfect for childbirth, right?

Indeed, the healthcare system already recognizes the value of coaching and collaborates with health and lifestyle coaches.

With the practicality of coaching tools, you can create a powerful shift in your clients’ perspectives. You'll help birthing individuals and their families feel confident and take charge of the birthing process. When you reveal THEIR WAY they'll take charge of THEIR BIRTH."

Our founder, Neri Life-Choma, on why coaching is necessary in birth support…

Your passion to support individuals on their journey of becoming parents led you here.

Add coaching skills and leverage your birth support practice

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Women's satisfaction has more to do with the way they conduct themselves and the way they are treated than with the actual clinical features of their labor

Penny Simkin

What Our Students Are Saying

"...Creating accountability - rather than be the doula-rescuer when things don't go as plan. Letting clients find their own answers, take ownership and advocate for themselves will set them upon a path for life, as people and parents, while meeting them where they are. (Not to mention, it really helps with - preventing - doula burn-out.)

Bertine van Norden-Attia, Nederland

I absolutely LOVED your "Epidural" webinar! Thank you, very much!  There were amazing tips I'll want to use… Half of my clients had epidurals, and I'm afraid that I didn't do everything for them that I could have. After the epidurals were administered, I wasn't much use to them, and I think my closure visits were weak. 

At any rate: 


In the doula spirit, Britt Hatch

"Throughout the Birth Coach Training, Neri presented concepts and ideas that I will be able to utilize to bring new life to my work as a doula. Week by week she brought forward new tools and skills and gave us all the opportunity to jump in and use them to address real-life scenarios. I learned from Neri, and by listening to each of the participants. I am looking forward to completing the process and becoming a certified Birth Support Coach."

Joanne Dahill, USA

"This course has given me the space to become curious about my own expectations as a doula and it has helped me to define my role for my clients more specifically. I have learned critical techniques in the way I listen to and question clients which helps the client discover how to express their desires more clearly. This course will challenge every doula to think more critically about their role resulting in a more comprehensive client-centered birth coaching process."

Kelli Ghanati, USA