Informing? Supporting?

Let's Add Coaching!

We teach doulas  and other birth support professionals coaching strategies and verbal leadership skills that lay the foundation for healthy birth experiences.

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Doubting yourself when many of your clients end up with birth experiences so different from their original vision of an unmedicated or 'natural' childbirth? 

  • Feeling discouraged when things go astray despite the resources and information you provided prenatally to help your clients create their birth plan?

  • Exhausted from years of practicing in a 'battle zone' between two opposing perspectives, while experts on both sides neglect the only perspective that matters - the parents’ ?

  • Feeling burnt out by long hours supporting your client during labor? Don't you wish you could spend many of these hours prenatally coaching your clients to optimally conduct themselves during birth to see it progress in a timely manner?

  • Puzzled when the evidence-based information you share fails to elicit strong convictions and confidence when clients need to self-advocate?

Your passion to support individuals on their journey of becoming parents led you here!

We share your strong desire to facilitate healthy and positive birth experiences, and that’s why we have developed Birth Coach Method. Coaching for Childbirth is the practice of engaging in powerful conversations that create higher levels of accountability and satisfaction in parents-to-be throughout the journey of pregnancy and birth.

When you reveal their way, they take charge of their birth 

When You Join Any of Our Programs, You’ll Learn to:

  • Facilitate clarity around your client' belief system  
  • Increase your clients' confidence and reduce fears  
  • Utilize your clients’ areas of strength  
  • Help your clients set tangible goals and the steps toward achieving them  
  • Align your clients' beliefs with their wishes and actions
  • Elicit your clients' accountability for their journey

Why Integrate Coaching into Birth Support? 

Coaches are leaders that bring individuals closer to their goals by facilitating clarity and providing clients with the strategies to confidently overcome challenges and internal resistances. This sounds perfect for childbirth, right?

Indeed, the healthcare system already recognizes the value of coaching and collaborates with health and lifestyle coaches. With the practicality of coaching tools, you can create a powerful shift in your clients’ perspectives. You'll help birthing individuals and their families acknowledge and own their power and demonstrate accountability to the birthing process.

Our Founder, Neri Life-Choma, on Why Coaching is Necessary in Birth Support

Add Coaching Skills to Make Your Birth Support Even Better

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Women's satisfaction has more to do with the way they conduct themselves and the way they are treated than with the actual clinical features of their labor

Penny Simkin


Here are some of the things participants said when they were asked: "What are you taking away from the workshop?"

"I took Neri’s workshop because I was getting disheartened when couples would tell me prenatally that they want an unmedicated labor, or to go “as natural as possible” and then despite all the time I spent with them offering resources, giving information, listening to their birth goals and making a birth plan, things often went astray. It made me feel like I had failed as their doula...I am now feeling empowered, renewed and excited to practice coaching couples for birth in a new way and I know it is going to make for happier, healthier and more satisfied mamas and babies."                                    

Ashley Shea, Organic Birth Santa Cruz

"It was really refreshing to learn about this new way of solving common doula dilemmas. Seeing myself as a labor coach, I feel more focused on the woman's wishes for her birth, have a very easy time staying within my scope of practice, and offering nonjudgmental support...I recommend this workshop to all doulas, beginners or experienced because, with the tools she teaches, my job is easier...I asked my most talkative, well-researched client, what she was giving up in order to have an unmedicated birth. She soon connected with her fear of battling with hospital staff. Then we worked on strategies for that, many inspired by your workshop."

Ellen LaVoie, CD, Redwood City, CA

I absolutely LOVED your "Epidural" webinar! Thank you, very much!  There were amazing tips I'll want to use… Half of my clients had epidurals, and I'm afraid that I didn't do everything for them that I could have. After the epidurals were administered, I wasn't much use to them, and I think my closure visits were weak. 

At any rate: 


In the doula spirit, Britt Hatch

"Neri’s class has given me a new set of tools to better identify my clients' true wishes for birth. I also feel better able to address the underlying fears or concerns of the women I serve. Although I have already been trying to approach my relationships with my clients and their care team from a position of curiosity, Neri’s course has given me the language and structure to do so more effectively. I feel better equipped to handle whatever comes my way. Thank you, Neri!"

Fabienne Greenberg, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Redwood City, CA