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Informing? Supporting?

Transformational Birth Support Coaching!

Learn game-changing  birth & postpartum coaching  strategies that lay the foundation for YOUR impactful and successful birth support practice

We're Here to Transform Birth Support 

Our year-long program offers an immersive, mentorship-based learning experience to help you make the most of your birth support practice and meet your professional goals. You’ll participate in group and one-on-one training sessions, and learn how to verbally lead transformative prenatal and postpartum conversations that have a ripple effect to transform your clients as people and parents. 

The home study modules give you access to well-proven strategies, exclusive training videos, workbooks, and more. At your own pace & at your own time, you can learn the easy-to-implement approach for growing supporting, and leading individuals during the entire childbearing process to stand in their power and have their desired experience. 

  • Do you wish to get more clients and reduce the hardship in your birth support practice? 

  • Do you wish for strategies with which you can elicit birth clients' accountability and ownership of their experiences?  

  • Do you wish for strategies that allow you to transition into virtual conversational birth and PP support? 

  • Do you wish to increase the rates of clients' who stand in their power and follow their hearts?

  • Do you wish to witness your clients as they confidently hold strong convictions about what's right for them and practice self-advocacy?

  • Do you wish to avoid the burnt-out that comes from overdoing, overcommitting, overpromising, and underearning? 

You are not alone. Your professional goals are achievable! After practicing birth support for 24 years, I felt the same. I discovered the disconnect in my practice and decided it is time to pivot! Many birth support pros feel that it is time to advance the philosophy and the practices so that they resonate with the current generations of birth givers. Shifting the focus to prenatal coaching allows professionals to gain impact, work-life balance, and good income.

We Train Prenatal Superheroes!

Transformational Birth Coaching is a year-long membership certificate program that trains you with well-proven strategies and formulas to lead conversational birth and postpartum support.  You will upgrade your verbal coaching strategies and will learn to practice with verbal coaching exercises with which you'll coach expectant and new parents in a series of prenatal/postpartum coaching sessions. Engaging your clients in powerful conversations and exercises during a series of in-person or virtual coaching sessions, and enrolling them to take action is what helps them take ownership of their experiences. Lead your clients to become experts in their own lives and actualize their desired experiences.

Fulfill your destiny. Integrate coaching into birth support

This class has been eye-opening and I just want to let you know I so appreciate you and this course! This method is the game changer I've been looking for. Sometimes you don't know what's missing until you find it! I will tell all my doula friends about this class! Thank you

Ailish McMahon-Lewis, CD, New Britain, CT

Positive Birth Experiences Created By Positive Mindsets

Lamaze Approved!

This program has been approved by LAMAZE INTERNATIONAL for 13.5 Lamaze Contact Hours. These hours may be applied towards recertification as an LCCE educator under the learning competencies 1, 2, 5, and 7. (LIN 19-06).

Fulfill your destiny. Integrate coaching into birth support

Why Integrate Transformational Coaching?

Coaches are leaders that bring individuals closer to achieving their goals. By facilitating clarity and providing clients with the strategies to confidently overcome challenges, limiting beliefs, and internal resistances, coaches help create the mindset needed for success. This sounds perfect for childbirth, right?

Indeed, the healthcare system already recognizes the value of coaching and collaborates with health and lifestyle coaches.

With the practicality of coaching tools and exercises, you can create a powerful shift in your clients’ perspectives. You'll help birthing individuals and their families feel confident and take charge of the birthing process. When you reveal THEIR WAY they'll take charge of THEIR BIRTH."

Enroll in Our Year-long Program and Learn to:

  • Establish rapport and position yourself as an attentive and trustworthy leader.
  • Facilitate clarity around your client's belief system and desired birth process. 
  • Increase your clients' confidence and reduce fears and resistance 
  • Utilize your clients’ areas of strength  
  • Help your clients set tangible goals and the steps toward achieving them  
  • Align your clients' beliefs with their wishes and actions
  • Elicit your clients' accountability for their journey
Fulfill your destiny. Integrate coaching into birth support
Birth Coach Method Certification

Your passion to support individuals on their journey of becoming parents led you here.

Add coaching skills and leverage your birth support practice

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Women's satisfaction has more to do with the way they conduct themselves and the way they are treated than with the actual clinical features of their labor

Penny Simkin

What Students Are Saying

"I can hardly believe I’ve been a doula for as long as I have without using this method. There was a disconnect between what my clients were telling me they wanted and the choices they ultimately made in regard to their birth experience. This method has helped me better understand, connect with, and empower my clients to align what they believe with what they want and ultimately lead them to achieve those goals."

Laura Browning, Kentucky USA

Neri has been invaluable in the progress of my career, as a Birth Coach. As a doula & childbirth educator, I have learned to look at working with clients, with a different perspective that allows them to trust themselves, their ideas, their bodies, as well as them having a positive birth experience. Thank you Neri for all the strategies you have shared, and I cannot wait to kick off my Birth Coaching practice! Best regards, 

Shereen Zarroug, CD, Dubai, UAE

"The course itself is transformational. I feel changed deeply by what I have learned. The Zoom discussions were very engaging. The assignments and the interactions fostered tremendous growth for me. I highly recommend this course for any type of birth professional.


SHOSHANA SLOMAN, Behavior Change & Stress Management

"...Creating accountability - rather than be the doula-rescuer when things don't go as planned. Letting clients find their own answers, take ownership, and advocate for themselves will set them upon a path for life, as people and parents, while meeting them where they are. (Not to mention, it really helps with - preventing - doula burn-out.)



Bertine van Norden-Attia, Nederland

"This course has been a turning point for me in so many ways.  I am grateful that I listened to my instinct in seeking out this course because it has completely shifted how I view birth support and my role. I can’t even count all the times I wanted to support my clients but didn’t know how to “make them” see their vision through. I now have all the tools I never was given to help their vision align with their actions. This is pure magic. Thank you for birthing this idea and this course."

Megan Elizabeth Sweetman, California USA

"I can see clearly now that my doula clients get in tune with their own inner wisdom when I ask them questions instead of giving suggestions. It is so beautiful to see how empowering that is for the woman; that she carries the answer inside of her. Though I know a lot about pregnancy & birth, she is the one who knows her body, her values and her baby best. I love that I can support her in making decisions that align with her heart..."

Christine Olsen, Sweden

"…“Neri, when you said that our coachees won't need us for their birth, I'm a bit shocked that I'm actually feeling a little left out when they get all empowered and birthed without their doula around. I just had my 2nd client's birth (after getting certified as a Transformational Birth Coach) last night, and just like my client before her, both of them birthed without me! #BirthCoachMethod works!”

Nur Hafiza, CD, Qatar

"This course transformed me as a person. I use coaching questions with my children, with my husband, with my friends, with my clients. I realized that people know what is best for them and they don’t want me to tell them what to do. Instead, they need someone to coach them in the direction they wish to go, listen to them, and be interested in them."

Dimitra Tsagkaraki, Cypress

"Throughout the Birth Coach Training, Neri presented concepts and ideas that I will be able to utilize to bring new life to my work as a doula. Week by week she brought forward new tools and skills and gave us all the opportunity to jump in and use them to address real-life scenarios. I learned from Neri, and by listening to each of the participants. I am looking forward to completing the process and becoming a certified Birth Support Coach."

Joanne Dahill, USA

"This course has given me the space to become curious about my own expectations as a doula and it has helped me to define my role for my clients more specifically. I have learned critical techniques in the way I listen to and question clients which helps the client discover how to express their desires more clearly. This course will challenge every doula to think more critically about their role resulting in a more comprehensive client-centered birth coaching process."

Kelli Ghanati, USA

Our founder, Neri Life-Choma, on why coaching is necessary in birth support…