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How to Upscale Childbirth Education with Coaching Strategies

Studies show a dramatic drop in attendance of childbirth education classes since 2000. What used to be a right of passage for baby boomers and Generation X feels redundant to millennials. The main reason for the decline is the overwhelming abundance of information on many platforms. In events and talks, I often say that expectant Millennials rely on Doctor Google, Doctor Facebook, and Doctor YouTube. But can you see how hard it is for them to navigate the preparation process? To distinguish ‘expert’ knowledge from ‘folk knowledge, or myths from reality?’ So, how can we serve millennials and help them avoid information overload? How can we help them find their truth? How can we empower them to overcome internal resistance and challenges and have healthy and satisfactory birth experiences? Read and learn why¬† Transformational Birth Support Coaching is the pathway to upscale your childbirth education strategies and fill in your classes.

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