Sneak Peek at My Virtual Workshop: Master the Art of Conversational Birth Support

My FREE virtual workshop, Master the Art of Conversational Birth Support in 2022 will take place in just a week, on  January 25 to 27, at 11:30 am Pacific. I plan to go LIVE  for an hour daily and lay down the pathway for birth support professionals to achieve great results in less effort, be more effective, and gain impact and income when they lead clients in masterful and powerful conversation.

Conversations have always been our best support system, right?

For the past 2 years, men have been forced to spend their days at home, in the sacred feminine workspace. Working from home, not having outdoor entertainment or social engagements, without these distractions, we were all forced to converse more at home. Additionally, the best way to overcome social distancing was to converse with our friends and loved ones using virtual platforms.

Mastering the art of conversational birth support has become a leading strategy when we heavily rely on virtual support and during this time of transition  

For me, even before the pandemic, it became evident that we missed a very central and important aspect of women’s support system – Women’s conversations! Conversing was always our suit. Women’s special gift. Our ancestors were conversing daily at the riverbank while doing all the household tasks and raising their kids. And in modern times, even though we each do it alone in our homes, our juicy and intimate conversations with women in our lives, are the strongest support system we have.

So as we transition into a more feminine era that relies on conversations- many of which are virtual, mastering the art of conversational birth support has become not only an important skill but a leading strategy that you can learn so that you achieve so much more with less effort. On top of it, it seems that for the next year, birth support might remain virtual and – conversational.

The value of conversational birth support

Conversational birth support helped me leave the overdelivering, overpromising, and under-earning behind, even before COVID. Becoming a transformational Life Coach and NLP Practitioner allowed me to transition from providing many hours of physical hands-on support (that might be more masculine by nature, don’t you think?), to powerful conversational leadership. 

This is a masterful conversation that relies on great strategies, formulas, and structure that lead people to achieve their desired goals or experiences

Conversational birth support is the best way to lead your clients to:

  • Achieving their desired experiences
  • Increase their confidence
  • Helping clients generate strong convictions about what’s right for them. 
  • Eliciting clients’ accountability and commitment to meet their desired experiences
  • Helping clients to connect with their internal authority so that they can avoid information overload and stand up to experts who claim to hold authoritative knowledge.  

Of course, I trust you to understand that this conversational leadership is NOT the everyday intimate girlfriend discussions women have. It’s also not an informational conversation in which a knowledgeable expert delivers knowledge to a layperson. This is a masterful conversation that relies on great strategies, formulas, and structure that lead people to achieve their desired goals or experiences. It is also an ongoing process – a series of masterful conversations, each of them being wrapped with a call to action, a step forward that brings the person closer to fulfilling their goals. 

What you can expect to learn

When you join my interactive and hands-on virtual workshop HERE, you will learn how to:

  • Leave the overdelivering, overpromising, and underearning behind in 2022
  • Use conversational strategies to nail interviews and get clients
  • Lead a powerful conversation that gets your clients closer to achieving their desired experiences. 
  • Dive into real-life birth and postpartum scenarios to experience the magic of a masterful birth support conversation
  • Learn a well-proven formula to lead a masterful conversation

I can’t wait to see you there! And by there I mean do you want to join my private Facebook group called “Advance Your Birth Support Practice” where all the fun happens and you can win prizes? You can click HERE to reserve your seat or join by visiting the FACEBOOK EVENT. You can also take a look at our IG profile and find the link in the bio. 

I’m so excited that I made a video about this upcoming event!

Neri Life-Choma

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