BRN CE Approved Provider

Integrating Coaching and Labor Support Tools into L&D Nursing

A Pathway to Patient-Centered Care and Safe Vaginal Births

Typically this program is in person but due to COVID-19 we are now offering it online. This online course workshop is approved for 11 CE credit hours by the California BRN. The workshop is aligned with the vaginal birth initiative and with maternal care reforms in the direction of eliciting patients’ autonomy and patient-provider partnership in L&D.

This one-day workshop is approved for 11 CE credit hours by the California BRN. The workshop is aligned with the vaginal birth initiative and with maternal care reforms in the direction of eliciting patients' autonomy and patient-provider partnership in L&D.

It is engaging, eye-opening, and leaves nurses eager to connect with their patients in a satisfying and empowering way for both parties of this partnership. 

Some practical info to help get your workshop booked

  • Each nurse receives a printed guide and a certificate of completion 
  • The most powerful results occur when the entire L&D nursing staff is trained
  • The optimal number of participants per workshop is 12, but we will train up to 14
  • We will bring educational material and props to support the learning experience
  • We will share a list of props for your facility to provide for a successful workshop
  • We will gift your institute with a copy of our audio-visual guide 'Practicing for an Active Birth' (USB key) to allow the nursing staff to continuously refresh their labor support tools

"Research shows that when patients are engaged in their health care, it can lead to measurable improvements in safety and help hospitals work as partners with patients and families to improve quality and safety."

Goals and Objectives

  • Enrich nurses with labor support tools: positioning, massaging, vocalization, visualization, rebozo and more
  • Raise nurses’ confidence in their interpersonal skills with well-established coaching strategies that will help them increase patients' engagement & accountability to their birth process

Teaching  Methods

Our online program consists of seven video lessons that present nurses with the perfect balance between verbal coaching strategies and practical labor support and coping skills. Each lesson includes 2 recorded videos and additional resources - some of which are visual and some are printed articles.  See the program's outline HERE

Resolve the Dilemma: Is Childbirth a Healthy, Normal Process or a Medical Procedure?

Reducing cesarean rates and increasing vaginal deliveries are worldwide goals in women's healthcare and obstetrics-gynecology. In recent years, many organizations, including ACOG, WHO, and CMQCC, have worked hard to reduce cesarean rates in the USA and support the vaginal birth initiative.

The coaching approach taught in this CE approved workshop suggests that this change cannot be achieved by implementing new clinical policies, but rather can be found in new interpersonal skills which will establish a new type of relationship in L&D.

This new class of relationship is the core principle of the coaching professions and is called client-centered relationships. It perceives the client as an expert in her own life, and the coach as a partner that helps her get in touch with her belief system, values, areas of strengths, her goals, and the steps towards achieving them. Coaches help clients overcome internal resistances in various areas of life, and fulfill their desired vision.

The coaching relationships are aligned with the sought transition of the medical system from providing standardized and evidence-based care provided by authoritative experts towards individualized maternal care that respects patients' autonomy.

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