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    After teaching couples how to go through an active birth for 12 years in Palo Alto, Ca, I have decided to produce this visual guide and reach out to a wider circle of expectant couples. Whether you are preparing for your first childbirth experience or looking to refresh your memory, practicing for an active birth is an excellent resource for learning coping techniques and comfort measures for your upcoming childbirth, and to practice until you own them. The labor support techniques and comfort measures are brought to you in correlation to labor phases; we want you to be able to pace yourself when using these techniques, reserve your energy, and find the best position, breathing techniques or massage for each phase of your birth.  At the beginning of each chapter of this visual guide, we will teach you to recognize the emotional and physiological symptoms of each labor phase, to make sure you will apply the appropriate techniques during the birth.

    Practicing labor support tools regularly while preparing for childbirth is the only way to gain memory muscle, and to make these coping techniques your habitual response to labor contractions. Daily practice will help you gain confidence and rely on these techniques during your healthy birth.  

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    With this visual  guide you will:

    1. Understand the physiology and anatomy of childbirth and the relationships between these and your comfort measures.
    2. Learn a wide variety of childbirth positions and use them wisely;  in accordance with labor phases.
    3. Practice different types of breathing techniques which will support the phase you are in.
    4. Practice relaxation.
    5. Practice various visualization techniques to support labor progress.
    6. Learn to apply massage techniques to support the birthing mother.

    Here are the guide’s chapters:

    1. Introduction: Understanding the relationship between labor support tools and the physiology and anatomy of childbirth.
    2. Labor support tools for Early phase
    3. Labor support tools for Active phase
    4. Labor support tools for the Transition phase
    5. Birthing techniques and positions for the safe delivery of the baby.


    ” I want to highly recommend it to all expectant families. Neri Choma, the instructor, and publisher of the DVD, is a local douladoula trainer, childbirth educator, and life coach. She used to teach Practicing for Active Birth Workshop at Blossom Birth, and  many of my clients took and felt that it helped tremendously with relaxation, “mindful preparation” and “open-mindedness” about birth.” Olga LibovaCNM

      I have reviewed the Youtube segment. Love it !! I will look forward to reviewing a complete DVD soon” Nancy LentzICEA President

    The techniques in this video really work! My doula suggested I get this DVD so that my husband and I could practice for our first birth at home. We watched the DVD together to learn about the stages of labor and birth and practiced the positions, massage, and movements along with the video. It was a great supplement to the birth class and really could have been used in place of the birth class. When my water broke, we let the doula know and started the movements and positions from the DVD. I used stage 1 techniques while getting ready and waiting for my husband to get home. When I arrived at the hospital I was already 5 cm dilated. My doula asked why I didn’t ask her to come sooner. My answer? I didn’t realize I was that far along in my labor because I wasn’t in immense pain. I used the movements from this video to cope right into active labor. We moved right into the next stage of motions from the DVD continued using it’s suggested activities through the birth. I had a fantastic natural labor with no pain medication! My family and I are big fans of this video.  (Liz A., Amazon Buyer)
    Neri Life-Choma