The Power of Prenatal Coaching

The concept of prenatal coaching is one of Birth Coach Method’s major contributions to the field of childbirth support. Birth support figures frequently compare childbirth to a marathon run, that we have stopped thinking about the meaning of this analogy; this analogy implies that birthing mothers can benefit from prenatal coaching, which should come prior to the performance, just like marathon runners are being coached for months prior to the run.  Prenatal coaching sessions should be central in the doula practice, and an expansion of the role of the childbirth educator who can provide a series of prenatal coaching sessions tailored to the individual needs of their students. This webinar will teach you how to conduct the coaching process prenatally. We will teach you strategies for clarifying your birth client beliefs, clarifying her wishes and goals and carving her desired birth experience, help distinguish truth from myth and fears from reality and adopt a positive concept of childbirth. You will learn how to elicit your client’s accountability to her process by assigning a call for action, and more.


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Read this review: I just finished viewing it and there were a few things that stood out for me.  The first was the idea of changing our thinking from childbirth as a natural event in a woman’s life to it being a challenging event.  I had never thought of it that way before but it really makes sense and I think that if clients were to hear that and learn that they have the ability to rise to this challenge, it could be a very empowering thing for them.  I appreciated the coaching domains you set out and the importance of the woman’s belief system, what she says she wants and her actions needing to line up in order for her desires in childbirth to be met.  I usually ask a number of the questions you outlined, however, I hadn’t really thought of asking more in-depth questions of the partner and I will definitely make a point of doing that as I see huge benefits in doing so. Thank you once again for your insightful webinars and I look forward to many more.”  Kerri Oishi CD(DONA)

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Enjoy and be enriched!

Neri Life-Choma

I am the founder of Birth Coach Method and am celebrating 20 years of leadership in the field of childbirth support. Throughout my career, I have been honored to provide doula support and teach childbirth ed. classes to hundreds of expectant couples, as well as to direct two birth resource centers. I am also a doula leader in my community in the South Bay area of Silicon Valley in California.
Neri Life-Choma


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