Bay Area Doula Training Refund Policy

  • Our program consists of three major components:
    1. A self-study of 15 online classes.
    2. Five group sessions lasting 5 hours each
    3. Practical hours followed by the submission of your supervision papers.

Additionally, in order to be certified, you’ll take a final exam.

Therefore, a full refund will be given only to a student who has not engaged in any of the components described above following the enrollment. 

  • In the unlikely event of low registration (less than 8 students), the trainer reserves the right to reschedule the group sessions to allow further registration. Students who already logged in to our members’ site and began the self-study of our 15 online classes, and can’t attend the new dates scheduled for the group session, will be refunded $400. Bay Area Doula Training will keep the remaining $420 or will adjust your payment plan to meet $420 tuition, which will cover the study of the online classes, the practical hours and supervision papers, and your final exam.
  • No refund will be granted if we provide the group meetings as stated in our advertisement, and your life circumstances prevent you from taking part in the sessions. You are invited to take part in the group sessions of the following planned program.
  • If circumstances beyond your control make it impossible for you to attend any of the group sessions, you are welcome to make up the missed session on our next planned program. No refund will be paid.
  • A student who requested a payment plan is responsible for completing the three payment even in case she decides to drop off the program.