New Course: Coaching for Pregnancy and Birth

Coaching for Pregnancy and Birth is a 7 lesson course, supported by 8 Zoom meetings. It is based on the book The Art of Coaching for Childbirth. In this course, I teach birth support professionals, such as childbirth educators and birth doulas, to coach pregnant women and their birth partners throughout the pregnancy, a healthy birth, and during the postpartum period. You’ll learn to provide client-centered support throughout the journey in order to

  • Facilitate clarity about couples’ belief system
  • Distinguish truth from myth and fears from reality
  • Increase couples’ confidence and reduce fears
  • Foster new skills and utilize areas of strength
  • Set-up tangible goals and the steps to achieving them
  • Align your clients’ beliefs with their wishes and actions



Expanding your services to include a series of prenatal coaching sessions will allow you to:

  1. Help expectant couples navigate through the abundance of information, based on their belief system, and help them avoid being overwhelmed by it.
  2. Spend more time coaching your clients prenatally and fewer hours supporting them throughout labor.
  3. Elicit your client’s accountability to their desired experience of pregnancy and birth.
  4. Avoid professional burnout, which is often the result of your clients’ lack of alignment and low level of commitment to their desired experience.
  5. Join thousands of coaches that already lead clients to optimally perform and overcome internal resistances in various areas of life.
  6. Coaching is the art of leading a change; lead the change by facilitating a healthier concept of pregnancy and birth in our society.
  7. By becoming a coach you are expanding your leadership strategies and areas of expertise and can increase your income.
  8. Bonus lesson: Establishing your birth and pregnancy coaching practice


Course Lessons:

  1. Childbirth Support in Review and the Value of Integrating the Principles and Strategies of Coaching into the Field.
  2. Introduction to Coaching: The Origins, Philosophy, Scope, Professional  Competencies and Basic Terminology.
  3. The Structure and Strategies of the Coaching Process: The GROW Model of Coaching and its Application to Childbirth Support.
  4. Prenatal Coaching: The Foundation of Client-Centered Pregnancy and Birth Support.
  5. Coaching through Labor Pain and the Fear of it.
  6. Coaching through Medical Conditions and Impositions.
  7. Coaching for a Healthy Closure of the Birth Experience.


Who Can Apply? 

All certified childbirth educators, birth doulas, and prenatal yoga teachers with at least 2 years experience can submit an application.

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