The Power of Prenatal Coaching – Webinar



The concept of prenatal coaching is one of Birth Coach Method’s major contributions to the field of childbirth support. Birth support figures frequently compare childbirth to a marathon run, that we have stopped thinking about the meaning of this analogy; this analogy implies that birthing mothers can benefit from prenatal coaching, which should come prior to the performance, just like marathon runners are being coached for months prior to the run.  Prenatal coaching sessions should be central in the doula practice, and an expansion of the role of the childbirth educator who can provide a series of prenatal coaching sessions tailored to the individual needs of their students. This webinar will teach you how to conduct the coaching process prenatally. We will teach you strategies for clarifying your birth client beliefs, clarifying her wishes and goals and carving her desired birth experience, help distinguish truth from myth and fears from reality and adopt a positive concept of childbirth. You will learn how to elicit your client’s accountability to her process by assigning a call for action, and more.

The more I continue to develop and practice the philosophy of Birth Coach Method,  the more passionate I am about conducting prenatal coaching sessions.

When I lead birth doulas in my workshop –  ‘The Art of Coaching for Childbirth’,  I notice that this is the first change they want to implement in their doula practice – conducting prenatal coaching sessions with their birth clients.  Once you begin coaching,  you won’t be able to understand how you practiced without it until now.  As you listen to this one hour webinar you will learn about:

  1.  The important role and the goals of prenatal coaching meetings.
  2. The differences between prenatal coaching and childbirth education.
  3. Practical tools and techniques to lead prenatal coaching sessions. 
  4. How to elicit your client’s accountability for her desired birth experience, and foster commitment.
  5.  How to conduct a balanced prenatal session; one that presents the right balance between the coaching conversations and practicing for birth.
  6. How to utilize what you have established and created throughout the prenatal coaching process during childbirth.
  7. The financial aspects of adding prenatal coaching sessions to your doula service package.



Neri Life-Choma