The Birth Coach Method – A Paradigm Shift in the Field of Birth Support

Last week I had my very first public speaking introducing the Birth Coach Method to local audience of birth professionals at the South Bay Area California. It was a moment of truth, and I have to confess – I was Crazy stressed. It is one thing working diligently on my computer at the comfort of my home, being 100% convinced that integrating the coaching tools into the doula practice and certifying birth coaches is the way to create the change, and it is another thing to stand and talk in front of birth professionals. An hour before the talk there was no sign to the strong conviction that motivated me for the past year to create the 45 audiovisual presentations of the BCM training program.

It was the warmest, most engaged and fun audience I could ask for, and in just a few moments I found my inner conviction and my confident as we followed the Power Point presentation attached. It was so empowering for me to implement the coaching tools for birth to some areas of struggle the doulas shared and see how wonderful they work.

Then it happened – 30 minutes into the talk and the most experienced doula in the room, my old pal Patricia, said: “Neri, this is a real paradigm shift you suggest here “! (And she does not even know I studied life coaching with the Paradigm Shift Coaching Group :))

Yes! I call for a paradigm shift! No more doulas as ‘companions’/ ‘mothering the mother’/ ‘labor support’. Let’s leave the old paradigm that implies servitude and non-professional status, and step towards the new paradigm where we are birth coaches, practicing with coaching tools and leadership skills, leading our clients to healthy and active births.

And Yes,! This does imply prenatal coaching sessions before the birth. In no other coaching field the coaching is during the performance itself.


The launch day of the Birth Coach Method  training program is coming soon,  February 12, 2014 is the day. There is still time to join and enjoy the launch price and bonuses, so visit to sign up. Meanwhile, as my loyal followers you get to enjoy the Power Point presentation of my talk introducing the paradigm shift – the Birth Coach Method. As always, I am happy to hear your feedback and impressions at

To Healthy Births in 2014,


Neri L. Choma, 

CBE, CBD, CHT, Life and Birth Coach

Birth Coach Method founder

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