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The Art of Coaching for Childbirth

Integrating the Principles of Coaching into the Field of Birth Support

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The Art of Coaching for Childbirth is a practical guide inspiring and leading every professional in the field of birth support to integrate the coaching tools and strategies into their practice. 

From one blog post to another and throughout my webinars, Birth Coach Method has become a paradigm shift in the field of childbirth support. It has drastically changed the conversation from teaching about childbirth to coaching the mother-to-be as an individual toward optimal performance in childbirth. Birth Coach Method inspired birth doulas to shift from telling clients what they think is the best childbirth experience for them to asking questions, listening and exploring their belief system about childbirth, about themselves and their bodies, their strength and more.

While my book The Art of Coaching for Childbirth has been reviewed by top-notch professionals and scholars in the field of birth support, I have come to the understanding that the Birth Coach Method is about to create a paradigm shift not only in the doula practice but in the way childbirth educators approach their role. 

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The Art of  Coaching for Childbirth is more than a practical guide; it is an introduction to coaching. I dedicated the first part of the guide to establishing the value of implementing the principles and strategies of life coaching into the field of birth support.  This part begins with a thorough introduction of the history and principal of the modern coaching professions and continues with a presentation of the structure of the coaching process. While reading this part, you will get acquainted with the basic terminology of coaching like goals, inquiry, strong search questions, opening options, clarity, distinguishing truth from myth, accountability and more, as it is implemented into the field of birth support to lead birth clients to optimally perform at their birth.  To use the words of my friend and colleague Michal Klau-Stevens, The Birth Lady, this part will convince you of the value of incorporating coaching into birth support by healthcare workers, childbirth educators, doulas, and other birth workers.”(See below)

In the second part of my book, I gathered all the coaching questions, which I presented at the theoretical part, and added hundreds of other questions and coaching exercises, which you can begin coaching with right away. This part will equip you with coaching strategies to tackle various scenarios and situations across the spectrum of birth support.


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“…The Art of Coaching for Childbirth, while compact at just over 70 pages, nonetheless packs in an incredible amount of practical information and useful tools.  She has skilfully transferred classic coaching strategies and made them totally applicable to birth educators and doulas. These strategies enable us to transfer the power back to the birthing woman, encouraging her to take responsibility for her own birthing journey. Empowerment, as we know, is not something we can give another person. It is something that originates from within…Neri’s book set off some real “light-bulb” moments for me and will definitely change the way I approach topics such as fear, pain, and interventions in my Lamaze childbirth classes.”  Tanya Strusberg, LCCE, FACCE, Director, Birthwell birthright Childbirth Education, Lamaze-accredited and CAPEA, Australia.  http://www.capea.org.au/Resources/Reviews/ArtMID/589/ArticleID/62/The-Art-of-Coaching-for-Childbirth


 “…The coaching method, as applied to birth support, becomes a viable and vibrant path through the unwinnable culture wars that surround birth, which focuses on questions like, “Is birth safe?  Is it dangerous?  Where should it take place?  Who should attend births?”  One question that Life-Choma addresses head-on, though, is “Whose birth experience is it?”  Because the answer to that question is the pregnant woman herself, then the coaching approach, as outlined in this wonderful book, is an optimal approach for those seeking to enhance women’s birth experience.  Coaching for Childbirth is an important contribution to childbirth preparation and support and this book, and the method will be a valuable resource to childbirth educators, doulas and others seeking to support birthing women…”  Christine Morton, Ph.D., a former distinguished member of Lamaze International and current manager at the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative


“Coaching for Childbirth is an innovative guide for professionals who serve pregnant women and want to integrate coaching techniques into their work. Neri has done a wonderful job of clarifying the coaching role and distinguishing it from therapeutic care and teaching. The exercises and scripts Life-Choma offers are excellent resources, and she constructs a convincing case for the value of incorporating coaching into birth support by healthcare workers, childbirth educators, doulas, and other birth workers…”  Michal Klau-Stevens, The Birth Lady


 “…The Art of Coaching for childbirth” provides nurses with the concrete coaching tools and approaches which can be quickly implemented in labor and delivery. Teaching nurses to ask strong questions which help clients clarify their goals and priorities while using pacing and leading strategy will make client-nurse interactions insightful…” Olga Libova, DNP, CNM, RN, Perinatal Nursing Faculty, De Anza College Nursing program, Silicon Valley, Ca


“Coaching for Childbirth; a Practical Guide for Integrating the Principles and Strategies of Coaching into the Field of Birth Support” is required reading for all individuals in the field of birth support… Doctors, nurses, midwives and doula’s, new mothers and fathers, will all discover a plethora of valuable information within these pages. Dr. Rosie Kuhn, The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group


” It was a new approach concept to teaching childbirth education that many people could relate to as student-athletes or being part of a team. This book also incorporated the popular reflective interviewing method many companies currently use during the hiring process to better understand the candidates thought the process or personal intention.   Although the concepts in this book were not unique or ground-breaking, the author presented the subject through a fresh lens. For this reason, I would recommend this book.”  Tamela J. Hatcher, ICEA board member 

Neri Life-Choma

I am the founder of Birth Coach Method and am celebrating 20 years of leadership in the field of childbirth support. Throughout my career, I have been honored to provide doula support and teach childbirth ed. classes to hundreds of expectant couples, as well as to direct two birth resource centers. I am also a doula leader in my community in the South Bay area of Silicon Valley in California.
Neri Life-Choma


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