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Leading webinars for birth professionals is one of the ways in which Birth Coach Method provides continuing education in the field of childbirth support, and promotes the integration of coaching into childbirth support.  Birth support professionals like doulas, childbirth educators, and labor and delivery nurses, are required to complete a certain number of continuing education units in order to become re-certified by the organization they are members of. Birth Coach Method’s online webinars are a perfect opportunity to accomplish this goal, and it’s coming to you!  Since we are an approved continuing education provider by the California Board of Registered nursing, many certifying organizations will grant your CEUs when you enroll in any of our online webinars and classes.

Neri: “I absolutely LOVE leading webinars where birth doulas and other birth professionalswebinar image come together to learn how to apply the Birth Coach Method philosophy and strategies into their birth support practice.  I try to lead about 4 Free Webinars a year, usually around special occasions like World Doula Week.”

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Recent studies found a dramatic drop in childbirth education attendance.  Taking that the new consumers of childbirth education are millennials, it is not surprising. Millenials were born into the era of online information, and they are consuming knowledge on Google, Facebook, and Youtube.  Integrating coaching principles and strategies in your childbirth education classes will make you attractive and uniques. It will draw potential students that are looking for more than knowledge and information they already got online. It will magnet students who are ready for the next step of self-discovery –  clarify their belief system about childbirth, their wishes, and their goals,  and carve their desired birth experience. You will be able to lead them toward clarity and to elicit their accountability to their desired childbirth experience.

The advocacy dilemma in the field of childbirth support is a tough one to crack. The dilemma lies in the tension between certain components of birth support practice, such as serving and supporting, and other components such as being a change agent in our society and a birth activist.  Relying on coaching principles and strategies will help you to make sure you practice within the scope of your practice, and to refrain from projecting or engaging any birth activism agenda in your relationships with your birth clients. Coaching is the pathway to client-centered relationships and care.

Birth support figures so frequently compare childbirth to a marathon run, that we stopped thinking about the meaning of this analogy: This analogy implies that birthing mothers can benefit from prenatal coaching, which should come prior to the performance, just like marathon runners are being coached for months prior to the run. Birth Coach Method is proud of being a pioneer and a leader in emphasizing the importance of prenatal coaching, that is nothing like childbirth education. Prenatal coaching sessions can be a part of the doula support package or an expansion of the role of the childbirth educator, who can provide a series of prenatal coaching sessions tailored to the individual needs of their students. This webinar will teach you how to conduct the coaching process prenatally. We will teach you strategies for clarifying your birth client beliefs, clarifying her wishes and goals and carving her desired birth experience, help distinguish truth from myth and fears from reality and adopt a positive concept of childbirth. You will learn how to elicit your client’s accountability to her process by assigning a call for action, and more.

The British obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read introduced the Fear-Tension-Pain response, associated with childbirth, in his second book called Childbirth without Fear, published in 1942. He is considered the father of childbirth education and is known for spreading the ideas of teaching women about the process of childbirth in preparation for the birth.  Since then, many generations of childbirth educators and birth support figures shared this revelation with expectant couples, taught them everything they found important about birth and provided different tools for coping with labor strains. The problem is that teaching and providing knowledge about childbirth is not enough in order to lead a change of perception, and facilitate a new response to labor pain. This requires individual coaching. The Fear-Tension-Pain response (FTP) leads to another FTP- Failure-To-Progress, and that’s why we think you should become an FTP fighter! In this webinar, we share some of the most effective coaching strategies which will allow you to conduct the coaching conversation around labor pain and the fear of it, and help your clients adopt a better concept that is serving them better.

Sometimes it seems like the whole discourse about the process of childbirth in our society has been condensed into the dichotomy of taking an epidural in childbirth vs. avoiding it. Recent studies have shown that women who planned on avoiding an epidural and ended up getting it, had higher chances to develop postpartum depression.  The reason for this increase in PPD rates is due t0 mothers’ perception that they failed. In learning how to conduct the coaching conversation about the dilemma of taking or avoiding an epidural, you can create a major difference – you can distinguish truth from myths and fears from reality about labor pain, you can clarify your client’s motivation to take or avoid an epidural, and you may help her to align her beliefs around labor pain with her wishes and the actions she takes. We will also teach you some great coaching strategies to led your client to overcome moments of doubts and crisis during your birth, and to the coach her towards clarity and acceptance when needed in the postpartum visit.

Who should take part in women’s support group for their birth?  In this webinar, we are revisiting some of the most accepted notions and expectations in regards to birth support, in order to suggest a client-centered coaching conversation of mothers’ support group for their birth. Common expectations, like partners presence at the birth, or the fact that the nurse can’t be a part of the support group as a representative of the medical system, are being revisited from a coaching perspective. As always, we suggest the most effective coaching questions and strategies to clarify your client’s needs, expectations, challenges, or concerns about her birth support group, strategies you can use to open more options and allow flexibility, and a call for action which will allow your birth client to build her desired support group for her birth..

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