From Aspiring to Thriving: Doula Mastermind Coaching Group

How do I get paying clients, launch my doula website, network, nail clients’ interviews, or lead prenatal sessions? How do I connect with a backup doula, do I join an agency or launch my solo practice? Which handouts do I share, and how do I write a contract? These are just a few common challenges beginner doulas face. And they are not unique to doulas. Everyone who has gone through professional training to become a solo practitioner must have strived throughout this transition from education to implementation. This transition triggers insecurity, self-doubts, uncertainty, frustration, and…loneliness. But there is, I believe, something unique to doulas as they transition from aspiring to thriving doulas. The short training, the lack of internship period, and the lack of follow-up mentoring and coaching for a successful implementation are in my mind historical mistakes that prevent many trained doulas from having a thriving practice. These are core ingredients that are needed to launch a thriving practice.  And being a seasoned practitioner, I can share that having a solo practice can be a lonely experience in which you are the engine, the dynamo, and the driver. You need to recommit daily to doing what it takes so that your practice thrives and you’ll feel the way you want to feel.

Short training, lack of internship, and the lack of follow-up mentoring and coaching for a successful implementation are  historical mistakes that prevent many trained doulas from launching a thriving doula practice

So here is the good news: You do not have to do it all alone! Joining a professional coaching group is how you thrive as a doula.  

Mastermind coaching leads you from Aspiring to Thriving 

I love the sparkling eyes and passionate souls I meet in my doula training programs. Doula students are passionate and fascinated about all the great possibilities that are open for them and their future clients. So when time and again very few of my students launch their doula practice, I began wondering what was missing in my program. Doulas’ presence in social media reassured me that the real struggle is not in getting the education but rather in succeeding in the implementation. Now my commitment to doulas has extended beyond high-quality education to soaring the transition from aspiration to implementation. 

As a transformational coach and doula mentor, I got the skills to help ambitious doulas follow their higher calling so that they can have a higher income! This quest has begun a couple of years ago by growing the Aspiring Doula Community FB group that now has close to 6 thousand members. Then I was called to lead occasional free events for doulas and all other birth professionals. Throughout these opportunities to connect with many aspiring doulas, I have sensed doulas’ loneliness, self-doubt, and lack of resources as they struggle to go from aspiring to thriving. Knowing that many of these doulas are not making enough money to hire 1:1 mentorship or coaching, I feel called to lead the doulas mastermind coaching group. 

Is the doula mastermind coaching group for you? 

Before we specify who is this coaching group for, I’d like you to know that coaching is meant for high-potential people to take what’s already great and provide them with the edge to be even better. That’s the definition of coaching.  So you don’t need to be hopeless or clueless to benefit from joining a group of professionals who get coached on how to advance their practice. Coaching is a process that creates a partnership between coaches and clients and helps professionals realize their potential. 

Coaching is meant for high-potential professionals to take what’s already great and provide them with the edge to be even better

There are many components to doulas’ professional success and you can be very skillful in some and yet struggle in other areas. Here are some areas of struggle that can be resolved by choosing to join a doula mastermind coaching group:

  • Are you passionate about birth support and love practicing as a doula, but you just aren’t seeing the clients and income rolling at the level you desire?
  • Are you frustrated and maxed out on your time and energy having to hold another day job, or commit to side gigs, in addition to your efforts to practice as a doula? 
  • Do you experience a scarcity of professional resources or a lack of confidence in your ability to serve your clients and lead them to achieve their desired experiences?
  • Do you find it hard to recommit daily to doing what it takes so that you can have a constant flow of clients and income? 
  • Do you feel that expanding your virtual support strategies will help you be in a better financial position? 
  • Do you struggle to lead your clients to achieve their goals and feel that their birth plans are not actualized during births? 
  • Do you find the relationships with medical caregivers to be stressful and wish to learn more effective ways to communicate with them?
  • Are you on the verge of burnout and regularly playing with the thought of getting a job and becoming an employee only because it feels like you’re doing too much for too little?

What to expect when you join the doula mastermind coaching group?

If you experience even as little as 2 of those mindsets, you can benefit so much from joining our weekly group coaching. We go live on Zoom together and address the mindset of solo practitioners as well as the unique professional dilemmas doulas encounter. We work toward achieving members’ common goals step-by-step. We go into breakup rooms to share and encourage each other. Designating this weekly hour will increase your commitment and accountability to yourself and your practice. And it is much more affordable than hiring a personal coach or mentor. Sharing of knowledge among doulas across all levels of experience is so valuable in terms of your professional development and we are committed to developing collaboration rather than competition. You’ll increase your self-awareness and get to define your goals, income, lifestyle, and your legacy. All the sessions are recorded and the replays are available for a month following the meeting.  

We address the mindset challenges of solo practitioners as well as the unique professional dilemmas doulas encounter

As I already said, the biggest benefit of coaching as compared to traditional training or mentoring is implementation. Coaching holds the participants accountable to come up with their own solutions and when people come up with their ideas, they are more likely to follow through with them. People who feel empowered themselves learn how to empower others. It’s for people who are ready to invest in themselves and better themselves personally and professionally. 

Instead of being accountable to one person (your coach), you are accountable to your coach and a group of your peers. If you don’t take action and implement what you said you were going to do, you have a whole group to report back to. A professional doula community is formed where high achievers share, brainstorm, grow and collectively support each other through tough times. 

I’m committed to your success and can’t wait to take part in your journey toward your thriving doula practice!

Are you ready to thrive and recommit to your practice?  Join here.

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